NATURA aviary - world’s most successful egg production system

Big Dutchman’s aviary system Natura Nova Twin was recently installed in Serbia
Big Dutchman’s aviary system Natura Nova Twin was recently installed in Serbia

The animal-friendly NATURA aviary series by agri manufacturer Big Dutchman is now the world’s most successful egg production system.

Consumer demand for eggs produced from high welfare and hygiene production systems is rising quickly.

For Big Dutchman, one of the world market leaders for poultry equipment, a total of 100 million laying hens worldwide have been equipped with its NATURA aviary, which is considered to be especially animal-friendly.

The multinational agricultural firm recently hit the 100 million mark in Krušcic, near the Serbian town of Kula.

Two barns housing a total of 40,000 layers for barn egg production recently started operating here.

The barns have been equipped with the NATURA Nova Twin aviary system, a variant of this product series that focuses on animal welfare.

The company Animal Commerce, which manages farms in the Balkans with more than 400,000 layers, ordered the new barns.

Approximately 1000 retailers – from supermarkets to corner shops – receive eggs from the firm.

“We have learned from Big Dutchman that animal protection, sustainability and success are not mutually exclusive,” said Lazar Mirkic, President of Animal Commerce, during the opening ceremony for the new barns.

Big Dutchman CEO, Bernd Meerpohl added: “We are proud that the NATURA family has been the leading animal welfare system for barn egg, free range and organic egg production for many years and would like to thank all customers who have helped making this possible.”

Mr Meerpohl also met with executive staff of Animal Commerce and visited some of their farms, all of which meet the strict EU standards for poultry management.

Animal Commerce successfully manages the entire transparent and traceable production chain, from crop growing to feed production and poultry management, egg production and packaging.