New campaign aims to get younger Brits eating more red meat

The campaign is intended to appeal to younger audiences in a bid to counter misinformation usually shared on social media (Photo: Thom Evans)
The campaign is intended to appeal to younger audiences in a bid to counter misinformation usually shared on social media (Photo: Thom Evans)

A new UK-wide campaign is aiming to encourage and inspire the public to eat more lean red meat as a part of a balanced, healthy diet.

The collective initiative, by Britain's three red meat organisations, aims to counter misinformation on the role of red meat in a balanced diet.

They aim to help support better understanding of the facts about the nutritional value of red meat.

The campaign was launched on Monday (3 December) by the AHDB, Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC) – Meat Promotion Wales and Quality Meat Scotland (QMS).

The launch of the initiative comes as the red meat industry continues to push the nutritional and environmental credentials of meat in a bid to stop “sensationalist and misleading fake news”.

Three celebrities across England, Scotland and Wales are fronting the campaign.

Welsh and Lions rugby star Shane Williams represents Wales, television presenter and Celebrity MasterChef Winner Angellica Bell champions the cause in England, and ex- Scotland rugby player and Strictly Come Dancing contestant, Thom Evans, turns out for Scotland.

The campaign, which is intended to appeal to younger audiences, has a social media focus and will highlight the nutritional value, ease and versatility of lean red meat in line with approved health claims, and the opportunity to enjoy more midweek meat meals.

Key health messages are communicated by the celebrities whilst cooking up three healthy red meat dishes with an unsuspecting member of the public.

To extend the campaign reach further, a nutrition factsheet has been developed for distribution to healthcare professionals.

Positives of red meat

Consumer insights, which helped inform the creative behind the campaign, show that a proportion of young people are limiting their red meat intake and are not aware of the positive role that red meat can play in the diet.

Gwyn Howells, Chief Executive of HCC, said: “We have a good story to tell on the positive role that lamb, beef and pork can play in a healthy balanced diet, supplying a wide range of essential nutrients.

“We’re pleased to be working together with our colleagues in Scotland and England on this campaign, and with leading sports personalities who can underline the value of red meat for people with an active lifestyle.”

Alan Clarke, Chief Executive of QMS, added: “More than ever, it is essential that the important role red meat plays in a healthy, balanced diet is communicated accurately.”

“Working with AHDB and HCC on this project means we can collectively tackle some of the misinformation currently available in the public arena around lean red meat.”