New digital tool to help children explore red meat journey

The new initiative aims to support food and farming education in Scottish schools
The new initiative aims to support food and farming education in Scottish schools

Schoolchildren in Scotland are set to explore the British red meat industry thanks to the launch of a new online platform.

The digital initiative 'Farming Foodsteps' covers the journey from farm-to-fork and everything in between, including technology in farming, food production and health.

Designed by the Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), the platform also covers important messages around sustainability, the environment, food safety and careers.

Lessons within the free-to-use tool include presentations, games, worksheets, and activities, with each linked to the national curriculum.

Alix Ritchie, education Manager at QMS, says the launch comes at a time when more people are interested in learning about the journey of their food.

“The lessons all answer questions about red meat production, sustainability and health, and we’ve consulted closely with teachers to create a comprehensive picture of the red meat food system.

"Our hope is that Farming Foodsteps becomes the go-to place for information on Scottish red meat and the journey it makes from farm to fork.

“The digital nature of the platform means it can be accessed remotely and used for homework, home learning or for anyone interested to find out more.”

The new platform will also help ensure schoolchildren do not miss out on learning about the food and farming industry during the pandemic.

The launch of Farming Foodsteps adds to QMS’s education programme, having delivered workshops in schools across the country.

Kate Rowell, chair of QMS said: “The more we can help educate young people about where their food comes from, how it is produced and the benefits of incorporating it as part of a healthy, balanced diet, the better decision makers they will become.”