New farming podcast hits Apple's top 200 chart

The new podcast looks at farmers' mental health and the stigma associated with the subject
The new podcast looks at farmers' mental health and the stigma associated with the subject

A new agricultural podcast looking at farmers' mental health has managed to reach Apple's top 200 chart.

With only their third episode released, Rebecca Wilson and Lizzie McLaughlin's new venture 'Boots and Heels' has entered the top charts.

The pair began their journey this month, with the aim to break down stereotypes within the industry and showcase that agriculture is accessible to all.

With Becca growing up in farming and Lizzie finding herself in it just three years ago, the duo came to realise that their very different perspectives are brought together by their love for what they do.

To begin, the first episode revolved around an introduction to the hosts, sharing their stories, roles and aims.

The second episode tackled the relevant subject of mental wellbeing and featured special guest speakers Hannah Rees and James Hosking.

The episode was well received with the likes of the DPJ Foundation sharing the podcast.

Their latest release responds to the request to discuss career paths within the industry and the ladies speak with Ben Pike, founder of Eve Communications and Director of the British Guild of Agricultural Journalists, to learn more.

Becca said: “We really want to showcase different career paths and help our listeners to diversify or break into the industry.

"We want young farmers, the older generation and the general public to consider the various jobs available within farming and that support is available to achieve this.”

Lizzie added: "We have some guest speakers who we never thought we would have the chance to work with, website updates that will allow our listeners to really get involved and some secret projects that we can’t release just yet."