New Forest farm blaze destroys 350 tonnes of hay

The blaze destroyed outbuildings and hundreds of tonnes of hay (Photo: Hardley Fire Station)
The blaze destroyed outbuildings and hundreds of tonnes of hay (Photo: Hardley Fire Station)

An investigation has been launched following a farm blaze which destroyed 350 tonnes of hay in New Forest.

Fire crews were called to the fire near the village of Beaulieu, Hampshire at 9:17pm on Friday night (21 June).

Farm buildings were destroyed in the blaze along with 350 tonnes of hay.

The fire was eventually under control and no one was hurt, according to Hampshire Fire and Rescue.

The fire service said it was a 'long night' for crews, who eventually extinguished the fire at 7:15am on Saturday morning.

The cause of the incident is unknown and is now being investigated.

Last month, arsonists set fire to 100 tonnes of straw and machinery on a farm in Cambridgeshire.

Fire prevention tips

• Ensure there are sufficient fire extinguishers for the size of buildings and that materials stored are inspected and regularly maintained

• Ensure all staff including seasonal workers and adult family members know the location of fire extinguishers and how to use them

• Reduce the risk of arson by fencing-off straw stacks and farm buildings

• Store hay and straw at least 10m from other buildings

• Put in place an evacuation plan for staff and livestock

• Store petrol, diesel and other fuels in secure areas

• Schedule regular electrical safety checks

• Invite your local fire and rescue service to visit to check water supplies and access routes

If a fire breaks out

• Call the Fire and Rescue Service without delay

• If possible, send someone to the farm entrance to direct the Fire and Rescue Service to the fire to help save time.

• Prepare to evacuate livestock should the fire spread

• Prepare to use your farm machinery to assist the Fire and Rescue Service