New illegal encampment powers help security firms restore order

Now that police have greater capacity to dismantle illegal encampments, SafeSite's security clean-up services are in greater demand
Now that police have greater capacity to dismantle illegal encampments, SafeSite's security clean-up services are in greater demand

New legislation has given police greater powers to evict travellers from illegal encampments, with industry analysts calling specialist security and clearance agencies 'indispensable' in this often challenging process.

Under the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022, officers may now ban trespassers from re-entering a section of land for a year, as opposed to three months.

This will act as a solid deterrent to people considering setting up illegal camps on unsuspecting landowners' turf.

The interpretation of harm has also been widened. Local police may now take more forceful measures when members of the community - not just the landlord - are distressed by illegal residents.

Responsible eviction

Now that police have greater capacity to expel travellers, SafeSite's security and professional clean-up services are in even greater demand.

The company supplies security guards to ease the eviction process, specialist cleaners to restore the site and security experts who install protection against further intrusions.

It's the law: property owners have the power to evict trespassers. These legal changes make it easier to do so, to the benefit of communities frustrated by illegal land occupation.

The advantages of working with a security and clean-up company are clear, says Michael Knibbs, managing director of SafeSite Security Solutions.

"Our business is vetted and qualified to handle such cases sensitively and competently. We appreciate the value of evicting travellers in a way that upholds their dignity.

"Illicit settlements can create a considerable health and safety hazard to communities and the wider environment, so it is crucial to have a team of professionals equipped to address this safely and effectively."

A clean, fresh start

SafeSite Security Solutions understands that when unauthorised encampments are present, a considerable amount of litter and waste can be left behind on people's land.

To address this frustration, the company deploys superior resources to remove and safely dispose of waste.

The teams are well-versed in handling hazardous materials and ensuring that the land is clean and free of undesirable rubbish.

SafeSite provides professional removal services for needles and sharps, which is an essential requirement when dealing with land that has been illegally occupied.

Experts carry out the procedure using the right equipment, adhering to strict protocols to ensure that the task is completed with the utmost care and precision.

Michael Knibbs at SafeSite believes collaboration with a reputable and trustworthy company is imperative for this dangerous job.

"In working with seasoned professionals to remove needles and sharps, property owners can rest easy knowing that the job is handled by a team of experts who take their duties seriously.

"Safety cannot be compromised. Attempting this task on your own could be very dangerous indeed."

Secure what's yours

To further prevent unauthorised encampments on property owners' land, SafeSite Security Solutions can provide concrete blocks to stop travellers from returning with vehicles.

These blocks are a highly effective deterrent and can be quickly and easily installed.

Any vacant buildings are quickly secured by the SafeSite team using industry-standard steel doors and bespoke steel window shields.

If it's a commercial building and you're a victim of squatters, you might have to jump through a lot of legal hoops to have your new guests removed. Better to secure any outbuildings at the first opportunity.

Hoarding and signs are the best way to keep land safe from future trespasses. SafeSite Security Solutions are experts at erecting timber hoarding that provides a secure barrier around public or private land, keeping out unwanted visitors.

The company's hoarding is made from high-quality materials and is constructed to withstand the elements, ensuring that it remains sturdy and effective for as long as needed.

Professionals understand the importance of providing a secure environment and take great pride in delivering solutions that achieve peace of mind.

Whether it's a temporary or permanent barrier, experts like SafeSite work with landowners to design and install bespoke hoarding.

Putting the eye in bye-bye

Landowners might also consider CCTV to ensure their land is continuously monitored and the authorities are alerted about encroachments.

SafeSite offers perimeter CCTV linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre, whose trained personnel alert the owners and police if anything looks suspicious.

Portable CCTV systems offer numerous benefits here. These handy CCTV units can be easily moved when points of attempted entry change, providing strategic, round-the-clock monitoring for land and outbuildings.

Such mobile CCTV units are also a good idea when facing travellers because they can be used temporarily until they've been evicted.

This allows property owners to monitor the situation without making a long-term, more expensive commitment to a permanent surveillance system.

Mr Knibbs says: "These new legislative measures deliver important protections for public and private landowners in addressing illegal travellers.

"For help in evicting these unexpected residents, cleaning up after an unauthorised encampment, and installing security measures, trust the professionals."