New partnership offers farmers ATV helmet discount

A new offer has been launched to help farmers stay safe on the farm
A new offer has been launched to help farmers stay safe on the farm

A new partnership announced today is offering farmers a 25 percent discount on ATV helmets to improve the industry's safety record.

The NFU's member offer provides a 25% discount off all Spada helmets as part of work to help farmers stay safe and legal.

The launch comes as the Farm Safety Partnership (FSP) turns its focus to safety in transport.

Farming advocate Hannah Jackson, known as the Red Shepherdess, will promote the offer and highlight the need for active safety changes within the farming industry.

Alongside providing discounted helmets for members, the NFU is advising farmers to ensure appropriate training for those riding ATVs as well as good vehicle maintenance.

The union's vice president Stuart Roberts said: “One of the simplest things anyone can do to keep themselves safe on farm is to wear a helmet when riding an ATV.

“The time has passed for turning a blind eye to practices which are illegal and which put people we care about in danger.

“There are some green shoots that as an industry we are starting to embrace – we just have to keep reiterating the safety message day after day, month after month, year after year. Only by doing that will we start to see real changes.”

Hannah Jackson said the industry needs to be spearheading the way forward for better health and safety on farms, and not normalising behaviour that will keep farming’s safety record behind.

“There are so many people who have followed my journey ever since I started in farming six years ago, and it’s great to have a platform where I can really showcase what British farming is all about.

“But there is also a sense of responsibility – to myself, to the public and to the rest of the farming community.

“I’m proud to get behind the NFU’s campaign to improve safety on farms. I’m proud to commit to wearing a helmet every time I get on my ATV and I’m proud to take that message to the wider farming community,” she said.

A range of safety helmets will be showcased on the NFU stand at today's LAMMA show.