NFU Cymru welcomes proposals to simplify BPS from 2021

The Welsh government has proposed simplified CAP regulations from 2021
The Welsh government has proposed simplified CAP regulations from 2021

NFU Cymru has responded in support of new Welsh government proposals to simplify Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) rules for 2021.

The devolved government is looking to simplify the current CAP regulations following the ending of the Brexit transition period on the 31 December 2020.

The proposals are in relation to the existing schemes to support farmers and prior to Welsh government introducing its own plans for future agricultural support through the introduction of an Agriculture (Wales) Bill in the next Senedd term.

Plans to simplify the BPS from 2021 address a number of long running issues that NFU Cymru has previously highlighted as part of the EU simplification agenda and to various Welsh government ‘red tape’ reviews.

The union has, however, raised concerns as to how Welsh government proposes to deliver its own domestic Rural Development Plan (RDP) following the ending of the Brexit transition period.

NFU Cymru President John Davies said: "In particular, we welcome proposals to reduce the heavy bureaucratic burden that has been placed on those farmers who have been caught up by EU Crop Diversification and Ecological Focus Area (EFA) rules.

"The proposed removal of the Crop Diversification rules and the maintenance of the key elements of the EFA rules within cross compliance is a sensible and pragmatic solution."

Mr Davies added the union was 'pleased' to see Welsh government make changes to the application process for cross border farmers.

"The proposals to treat the Welsh and English applications separately is common-sense solution and one that we hope will result in more timely BPS payments to those farmers who have land either side of the border.

“We also support Welsh government proposals to introduce an advance BPS payment to be paid in October. We have asked Welsh government for clarity on a number of issues in relation to the nature of the advance and balance payment to ensure that these changes deliver positive benefits.”

The consultation also makes proposals in relation to a domestic RDP that will run alongside legacy schemes that will continue to be supported by the current EU RDP.

On this matter NFU Cymru has raised a number of concerns with the proposals outlined in the consultation document.

Mr Davies said: “Whilst NFU Cymru welcomes Welsh government’s commitment, through the consultation, to deliver a custom framework of rural support in Wales, we are clear this must be targeted at rural areas.

“NFU Cymru does not support Welsh government’s proposed revised definition of rural development which will see environmental objectives prioritised over rural economy/rural community objectives with the needs of the people living and working in rural Wales overlooked.

“In its response, NFU Cymru has reiterated its long-standing concerns with Welsh government’s implementation of the current RDP which has been slow and disjointed.

"NFU Cymru has called for these concerns to be addressed through a full independent review.”

The union also used the consultation to highlight the priority for government to provide clarity and certainty to farmers on funding to Welsh farming.

“Fears surrounding a ‘No deal’ with the EU and its detrimental impacts on the sector are intensifying while farming families and rural communities, like the rest of society, are also severely impacted by Covid-19.

“Given all these issues, we would ask that Welsh government builds on the commitment made in November 2019 and commits to maintain the BPS at current funding levels for 2022," Mr Davies said.