One million calves lost in Nebraska after 'catastrophic bomb cyclone'

The flooding is said to be the worst in the state's history (Photo: Nebraska State Patrol/Twitter)
The flooding is said to be the worst in the state's history (Photo: Nebraska State Patrol/Twitter)

Around one million calves are missing after the US state of Nebraska suffered a catastrophic 'bomb cyclone' which caused extreme flooding.

Recent flooding in the Midwestern state is said to be the worst in 50 years, smashing weather records.

The brunt of the weather hit the state around mid March, bringing hurricane-like winds and blizzard conditions.

Since then, farmers across the state are tallying their losses from the extreme weather.

US government's Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, told Fox News that the weather has led to the loss of around one million calves.

“We’re going to do everything we can to help those people get back up on their feet,” Mr Perdue said.

Pete Ricketts, Nebraska Governor, told the channel that farmers have lost around $400m (£304m) worth of livestock and $440m (£334m) of crop losses.

In Scotia, Nebraska, Annette Bloom and her farming family highlighted how they lost 35 calves in the flooding during the peak of her calving season.

“There's just been a lot of devastation. We are having to travel three miles through pasture and cropland just to get out because our roads are gone,” she told WBUR's Here & Now programme.

“And the corn fields are going to be devastating to get in and plant and get that going, because usually we're planting within the next two weeks and it's not going to happen.”

Across other parts of the state, hundreds of farming businesses have lost livestock.

One farmer, Jeremy Mahon, from Knox County, faced the choice of either saving his calves or his neighbours when freezing flood water rushed in, according to the Lincoln Journal Star.

He rescued one neighbour with his tractor as the floodwater kept rising. After, he used a boat to save three more neighbours, including an elderly woman and a 9-month old baby.

Mr Mahon estimates the flood carried away 30 calves and almost as many cows, nearly $50,000 (£38,000) worth of losses.

Meanwhile, farmers in the UK have used social media to offer their condolences. One user, Geraint Powell, a 2017 Nuffield scholar, said such widespread damage puts it all 'into perspective'.

Nebraska is one of the leading US states in terms of agricultural output.