Police 'bale' out tractor driver after road incident

(Photo: Road Policing Scotland/Twitter)
(Photo: Road Policing Scotland/Twitter)

A tractor driver became the unfortunate target of a lighthearted pun contest on social media after his trailer overturned on a road in Scotland.

The tractor driver was pulling a trailer carrying hay bales on the A9 road in central Scotland on Wednesday (July 24).

The trailer overturned on the road which spilt the bales. Road Policing Scotland came to its assistance.

Adding a bit of humour to the non-serious incident, the force created a caption competition for its 14,000 followers on Twitter using photos of the aftermath.

It said: "Attended near to the A9 yesterday to BALE out the driver of the below incident, the driver will certainly HAY a lot of explaining to do later."

Dozens of people replied to the lighthearted tweet.