Pork sector sees improvement in consumer perception

Pig farming saw considerable growth in consumer perception last year
Pig farming saw considerable growth in consumer perception last year

The pork sector saw a significant improvement in consumer perceptions last year, according to analysis by the AHDB.

According to its survey, three-quarters (74%) of consumers believe farmers of all sectors are doing a good job producing food during the pandemic.

Positivity towards agriculture grew by 4% since 2019, with 66% of British consumers now feeling very or quite positive towards farming.

But it is pig farming that saw particular growth in consumer perception in 2020, with those feeling the least positive falling from 38% to 33%.

"Pig farming, along with poultry, are usually less well regarded compared to horticulture and arable, and beef sheep and dairy farming," AHDB explained.

"Covid-19 has given the supply chain an opportunity to demonstrate where they are supporting consumers and to build trust."

In a separate survey, the levy board found that farmers were by far the most trusted part of the supply chain due to their expertise, and care for animals and the planet.

Retailers and processors also received a boost in consumer trust since 2019, with 10% and 5% more respectively feeling positive towards them than the previous year.

"Understanding what consumers trust and will buy, and the types of products that will fulfil their needs is vital," AHDB said.

"Many consumers today are thinking more about how their food is produced in terms of factors like health, the environment and animal welfare."