Rural communities raise over £17,000 for Wales Air Ambulance

Over 35 farmhouse breakfast events were held on farms across Wales
Over 35 farmhouse breakfast events were held on farms across Wales

Over £17,500 has been raised following a series of farmhouse breakfast events held in Wales to promote the importance of good mental health and local food production.

Over 35 farmhouse breakfasts were served up across Wales between 15-21 January to raise vital funds for the Wales Air Ambulance.

The breakfast week is held in order to promote the health benefits of having breakfast, as well as promoting the food produced by local farmers.

The annual initiative, spearheaded by the Farmers' Union of Wales (FUW), also puts a spotlight on mental health within the farming industry.

FUW President Ian Rickman said the funds raised this year was an 'incredible amount of money': "This very important charity saves lives across Wales every single day," he said.

“We were also able to highlight the crucial role our farmers play in keeping the wheels of our rural economy turning and showcasing the wide reach our industry has.

"We must not forget all the reasons why farming matters - in an economic, environmental, social and cultural sense.

“Without a thriving farming industry, which ensures there is food on our tables that we can afford, our future and that of our children would certainly be a bleak one.”

Dr Sue Barnes, Wales Air Ambulance chief executive, said the charity was an important service for rural and agricultural communities.

She said: "As a pan-Wales service, we aim to deliver the best possible lifesaving care across our country, however, at the same time recognising the differing needs of our rural and urban communities.

“Our charity is working hard to ensure our vital work can continue, not just for the here and now, but for our future generations. Our commitment and connection to rural Wales is incredibly strong.

“We also recognise and give thanks for the invaluable contribution that the farming community makes to Welsh society, as well as the quality produce that is enjoyed here in Wales and around the world.”