South Africa-Australia explores exporting beef after farmers trip.



Carrying coal to Newcastle, is akin to shipping beef to South Africa, who were 30 years ago the worlds third biggest beef exporters.

Train loads of cattle went of the beef plants on Johannesburg, from Namibia and Botswana, until both countries developed their own beef industries. Since Independence from apartheid the first casualty was the farming sector.

They were also the worlds third largest wool exporter, and manufactured beef burgers for most of the 54 countries on the continent

Today South Africa is the biggest offal market for Argentina, mainly liver tripe and tails. They are also large buyers of corned beef, having once been the second largest producer of corned beef in the world. The offal prices in South Africa would be a far cry from the prices currently enjoyed by Australian exporters in South East Asia.

However there could be a good business developed, in genetics and semen import export from Australia and South Africa. The 24 Queensland beef producers have returned from a trip to South Africa, claiming there are beef exporting opportunities there, for cheaper carcass cuts. This is quite true, assuming you can take the price that Argentina and Brazil can for the same cuts.