Tesco to roll out LEAF Marque accreditation across global supply chain

The LEAF Marque is a global assurance system recognising more sustainably farmed products
The LEAF Marque is a global assurance system recognising more sustainably farmed products

Tesco has announced it will implement the LEAF Marque environmental assurance scheme across its entire global produce supply chain.

The move to strengthen the retailer's environmental standards will see its 14,000 fresh produce growers adopt new climate-friendly measures.

Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF), which runs LEAF Marque, said the announcement was a 'hugely significant and transformative moment' in its 30-year history.

All of Tesco's UK growers will be certified by the end of 2022, while the process to begin certifying the rest of its global grower base will begin in 2023.

The ultimate aim will be a complete transformation by 2025, the supermarket chain said.

Measures that Tesco's growers will undertake include increased implementation of regenerative practices, improved soil management, enriched wildlife diversity goals and reduced carbon footprints.

They will also look to improving imple­men­ta­tion of effec­tive IPM solu­tions for crop health and protection, as well as cir­cu­lar approaches to resource use and waste management.

Ashwin Prasad, chief product officer at Tesco, said that it was 'vital' for retailers and the wider food supply chain to produce food more sustainably.

"The implementation of the LEAF marque Standard will help drive environmental improvements across thousands of growers and suppliers, both here in the UK and globally.

"But we can’t achieve the transformational change needed alone – we’re calling on the whole of the food industry to join us in raising environmental standards to ensure the food we eat is produced sustainably.”

Caroline Drummond, LEAF chief executive, said Tesco's announcement was a 'transformative moment' in the assurance body's 30-year history.

"Tesco’s commitment will bring real and lasting changes in food production and offer assurance to consumers that their purchasing decisions are having a positive impact on our climate.

"Together, we will continue to “raise the bar” for the good of our planet and future generations.’’