Thousands of nurses to hear red meat's benefits

The role red meat plays in people's diets will be showcased at the 90-day virtual event
The role red meat plays in people's diets will be showcased at the 90-day virtual event

Thousands of health care professionals will hear the health benefits of eating high-quality red meat as part of a virtual 90-day event.

This year’s Nursing in Practice will see Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) discuss the role of meat in a healthy, balanced diet.

The annual conference brings nurses and healthcare professionals together to hear the latest research and listen to best-practice examples.

This year, the conference will take place virtually over a 90-day stretch starting on Tuesday (15 September).

HCC will have a virtual booth at the event, providing an opportunity to support health professionals when they give out dietary advice to their patients.

To combat the mixed messaging on red meat in parts of the media, the Welsh red meat body has created resources based on scientific evidence and government guidelines.

HCC Consumer Executive, Elwen Roberts said this year’s virtual conference was a 'great opportunity' to show off the benefits of red meat to a much wider audience than usual.

“It is reassuring to speak with nurses and hear that the majority understand and know the array of health benefits you can get from good quality red meat, reared in sustainable conditions under the highest animal welfare standards.”

Following the 2018 Nursing in Practice conference, results from HCC's survey recording delegates’ attitude towards red meat showed that 95% would recommend it as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

As well as being a key source of protein, the survey showed that nurses were also aware that red meat provides additional nutritional benefits, such as iron, zinc, amino acids, vitamin D and vitamin B12.