UK beef exporters target Singapore's 'all-important market'

Singapore is a significant high-end market for the UK’s red meat exports
Singapore is a significant high-end market for the UK’s red meat exports

Chefs and importers in Singapore have had the chance to sample British beef as part of a series of virtual events run to target the all-important market.

Last week, 15 key influencers were invited to a virtual event organised by the AHDB, where they sampled premium British beef products.

The event aimed to add value to farm businesses and continue boosting red meat exports to the country.

In Singapore, the British exporting businesses currently have market access for beef, lamb and pork.

The microstate is a hugely important high-end market for the UK’s red meat exports, with both volumes and value of beef exports increasing in 2020.

Last year, exports of fresh and frozen beef, lamb and pork, including offal, were worth £2.6 million to the UK, with 1,558 tonnes shipped over the 12 months.

The cook-along was organised by the levy board's export manager Susan Stewart in partnership with the British Chamber of Commerce.

Ms Stewart said the Southeast Asian country was a 'key target market' for British red meat exports.

"While the volumes of meat shipped is relatively low, the value of cuts provides a fantastic boost for the UK’s red meat sector," she said.

“This virtual cook-along was organised to ensure that we continue flying the flag for our red meat in this important market and do all we can during these challenging times to reach key contacts and continue boosting our exports.”

The event saw boxes of ribeye beef shipped to the selected influencers who had the chance to cook with Paul Hallett, the executive chef at Singapore’s exclusive restaurant Skai, and experience the taste of British beef.

The positive response to the event has led to a second virtual cook-along being organised this month which will see two chefs cook the ‘famous’ Sunday roast, featuring prime cuts of British beef.

The events coincide with FHA Match in Singapore, which takes place this week, providing a platform for UK agri-food exporters to unlock new business opportunities.