UK farmers see shortage of lactating cow tubes

International manufacturing and supply issues have created the shortage
International manufacturing and supply issues have created the shortage

Issues impacting the availability of lactating cow tubes in the UK have been raised amongst the veterinary profession and farmers.

The situation has arisen for a number of different reasons, according to the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH).

These include international manufacturing and supply issues, compounded by a recently announced product recall.

But not all Marketing Authorisation Holders (veterinary medicines companies) are impacted, the animal health group said.

Unaffected suppliers have taken steps to increase supply to meet market needs, it added.

It is anticipated these can be met to ensure the health and welfare needs of the national dairy herd.

NOAH explained that affected suppliers are seeking solutions with the aim of re-supplying the market as soon as possible.

They do not have firm dates for re-supply to normal levels for those products currently out of stock or unavailable.

NOAH has advised vets to speak to their company representatives to ascertain product availability and work with them to help identify potential alternatives.

Farmers should also speak to their veterinary surgeons if they have concerns; they will be able to advise whether their usual product is affected, and where this is the case, prescribe an appropriate alternative.

Updated information of product supply is also available on the Veterinary Medicines Directorate website.