UK wool produced headband raises charity funds

Wool from the rare breed Ryeland sheep is used to make the product
Wool from the rare breed Ryeland sheep is used to make the product

A new headband made from Welsh wool has been launched to celebrate women in agriculture while raising money for charity.

NFU Cymru has launched the ‘She Who Dares… Farms’ product to support the wool industry and raise money for the DPJ Foundation.

The idea for the ‘Eira’ headbands is the brainchild of trained fashion designer Clare Johns who uses wool from the rare breed Ryeland sheep she farms with her husband to make the product.

She said the whole process behind the creation of the headbands happens in the UK using Welsh wool – ‘from farm to hangar’.

“Wool from sheep that are bred, reared and sheared on our farm,” Ms Johns added.

“If any extra wool is needed it is sourced from local farmers and makers at a fair price.”

The wool is then sent to a mill in west Wales where it is washed, spun and then weaved using traditional methods into a quality tweed cloth.

“After a clean and press at the finishers, the cloth comes back to me to transform in to beautiful, luxurious, and often bespoke, timeless classics, like these headbands,” she said.

The product has been unveiled amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which has had a huge impact on the UK wool sector.

NFU Cymru County Adviser, Stella Owen said the union was keen to find out what could be done to help the sector, while supporting a local charity.

“We wanted to launch an affordable but stylish quality product that could be worn when doing a variety of outdoor activities,” she added.

“The Eira headband, selling at £25, is a celebration of powerful women in agriculture and it is made of a sustainable, natural luxury product.

“Made with Welsh wool, this is a perfect opportunity to show off our fantastic versatile product whilst spreading the ‘She Who Dares…Farms’ message.”

Orders can be made by using the online form on the NFU Cymru website.