Upcoming pork TV campaign to challenge 'veganuary'

The TV campaign will encourage the public to eat healthy cuts, such as pork medallions
The TV campaign will encourage the public to eat healthy cuts, such as pork medallions

A pork advertisement campaign will be back on television screens next week encouraging people to buy healthy, low-fat British meat.

The latest phase of AHDB’s “Love Flavour, Love Pork” campaign comes as 'veganuary' continues to encourage the public to cut out meat from their diet.

Challenging this, the pork campaign, which will be on TV from Monday 13 January, seeks to tap into people's healthy eating resolutions.

The advert will feature a range of healthy pork dishes that have been given green lights for being low in fat, saturated fat, salt and sugars.

The adverts will run during top TV and on-demand shows, including ITV’s This Morning and Coronation Street, Channel 4’s Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast, as well as Film 4, Sky 1 and Dave.

AHDB’s Head of Meat Marketing Liam Byrne said: “January is a time when people may be negatively influenced into cutting food groups such as meat from their diet.

“Cutting out food groups without careful substitution can lead to nutritional deficiencies, so our aim is to make it easy for more people to make a healthy informed choice, that’s also nutritionally balanced.

“Pork medallions are lean, naturally rich in protein, low in sodium and provide 10 essential vitamin and minerals, which contribute towards good health and wellbeing.”

The campaign will be shared with shoppers on TV, social media and at supermarket fixtures through a variety of new animations, infographics and recipe ideas, which are also available for farmers and producers to share.

The advertising activity was created with feedback from farmers and producers who are part of AHDB Pork’s marketing group and will continue throughout January 2020.