Valtra's A-series tractors goes into 5th generation

Valtra's A-series continues to comprise of seven models to choose from
Valtra's A-series continues to comprise of seven models to choose from

Valtra's A-series tractors has gone into its 5th generation, making available a host of new features that have been requested by customers.

The series continues to comprise seven models to choose from, all of them available as GL-models, which feature mechanical transmission.

The 105 and 115 horsepower model are also available with a four-step powershift transmission, controlled electronically.

Marko Ojalehto, product marketing specialist in charge of the new A-series, said operating them had been made 'even more efficient and comfortable'.

"Powershift gears are available on several models, the front loader armrest has also been upgraded on GL models," he said.

"The four-cylinder models has five more horsepower than before and the service interval has increased to 600 hours."

Many of the upgrades have been designed to make the front loader work easier, such as the Powershift gears and updated control armrest familiar from HT4 models.

From now on, the three-cylinder models A75–A95 will be available with the HiTech 2 transmission featuring powershift, resulting in more efficient field work.

In addition, all A-series models can be equipped with Creeper, which reduces the lowest speed to approximately 100 metres an hour.

Engine power has been increased by five horsepower on four-cylinder models and now corresponds to the model designation.

Engine speed and power can now be controlled even more precisely thanks to a new accelerator pedal.

The series is also available with compressed air brakes or a hydraulic trailer brake system, and customers can chose their preferred option.

The Valtra A-series won the Machine of the Year award both in 2017 and in 2019.

New features on the 5th generation A-series

• 5 horsepower more on A105–A135 models

• 2 Powershift gears optional on A75–A95 models

• AutoTraction, which can be switched on/off

• Dual-circuit hydraulic brakes

• New control armrest on Gear Lever models

• Upgraded Stage V compliant engines

• 600-hour service intervals

• Redesigned engine cover

• Redesigned wheels

• Optional PTO buttons on rear mudguard on HiTech 4 models

• Valtra Connect remote monitoring optional

Automatic main power switch in the ignition switch