Vapormatic Immobiliser Protects Police Tractor

Helping to raise awareness of the growing rate of farm machinery theft, Lincolnshire Police have been using a John Deere 6630, complete with Police livery and blue flashing lights!

Needing to make sure their own tractor was protected, Lincolnshire Police asked Vapormatic to install their award winning, Thatcham approved Immobiliser.

Local Lincolnshire dealer J W Doubleday carried out the installation. Zoe Doubleday-Collishaw, marketing director, says "Tractor theft has become a very serious problem in Lincolnshire and John Deere tractors seem to be targeted more than most. We now recommend every new John Deere tractor we sell is fitted with an immobiliser and is registered with Cesar. "

Vapormatic’s immobiliser has been purposefully developed for the agricultural machinery market. It uses a keypad system which allows drivers to leave the keys in the ignition and walk away with the confidence that it cannot be started without the immobiliser PIN code. The driver simply enters a four to six digit code to allow them to start the vehicle as normal.

As the system has Thatcham P2 approval, insurance discounts are available. When installed to a tractor with Cesar registration the security level achieves a 3 star rating and discounts can be as much as 20%.

Nickolas Dicks, Marketing Manager of Vapormatic comments, "It’s great to see Lincolnshire Police raising awareness of the increasing need for farmers to protect their machinery against theft. Tractor theft is a considerable issue for the industry and can affect every farmer in the land. Theft prevention is key and we are delighted to see that our immobiliser is playing an important role in helping farmers protect machinery against crime."

More information can be found at Vapormatic’s website: