Vehicle tracker helps police arrest men after quad bike theft

Two men have been arrested after the quad bike's vehicle tracker proved its worth
Two men have been arrested after the quad bike's vehicle tracker proved its worth

A vehicle tracker helped police in North Yorkshire arrest two suspects who are suspected of stealing a quad bike from a farm.

The men were arrested by police after their unsuccessful attempt to steal a quad bike from a farm in Ellerton, near Catterick.

Just after 7pm on Thursday 11 June, the quad bike owner received a text alert from his tracker, stating the vehicle was moving.

He spotted two men taking a quad bike out of a barn. As he approached them, the suspects ran off empty-handed. Damage had been caused to the vehicle’s ignition.

Officers deployed immediately to the area, and began an extensive search, including with the NPAS police helicopter.

A warning and a description of the suspects was sent out on Facebook, Twitter, North Yorkshire Community Messaging and to local Rural Watch volunteers. However, no one was located.

However, at around 7am on Friday 12 June, a motorist on her way to work noticed two 'rather dishevelled and wet through' two men, walking near Kiplin along the B6271, towards Northallerton.

North Yorkshire Police officers drove towards Kiplin, where they stopped and arrested two men, aged 19 and 28.

Both were arrested on suspicion of burglary with intent to steal.

One of the men has been released under investigation while enquiries continue. The other remains in custody at this time.

How can I better secure farm vehicles?

• Always leave your vehicle locked and alarmed if possible

• Consider fitting an after-market approved immobiliser

• Park in a locked garage or other secure area if you have one, or in a well-lit open space if not

• Never leave the vehicle’s keys in the ignition, in the same outbuilding as the vehicle, or near your front door inside your home

• Be vigilant when using your vehicle for anyone taking an interest in it

• Consider fitting a transponder-based security marking system and tracker device

• Have the vehicle’s windows etched with the vehicle identification number