Vencomatic UK sponsors youngest woman to row solo across ocean

Jasmine Harrison rowed more than 3,000 miles to 'inspire young people to get out there and do something'
Jasmine Harrison rowed more than 3,000 miles to 'inspire young people to get out there and do something'

Jasmine Harrison, who broke the world record for the youngest female to row single handed across the Atlantic, has raised over £15,000 for charity with the help of two of her main sponsors, Vencomatic UK and Vencomatic Group.

Jasmine Harrison, from North Yorkshire, set sail in December 2020 as part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge to raise money for Shelter Box.

Rowing more than 3,000 miles, she wanted to 'inspire young people to get out there and do something.'

Now, she has done just that. With the support of Vencomatic UK and Vencomatic Group, she has crossed the ocean, broken the world record and raised over £15,000.

From temporary blindness due to sea sickness medication, capsizing whilst trying to sleep, to a near miss with a drilling ship, she tackled every challenge thrown at her with sheer resilience.

Her experiences included swimming openly with a pod of more than 30 dolphins, witnessing incredible sunsets from the ocean and gliding through a sea of bioluminescence at night.

Jim Moore, Vencomatic Operations Director, said the poultry firm decided to sponsor Jasmine as they also believed in the importance of the local community.

"Based in Thirsk, we have supported Jasmine from the start and think what she has set out to do is nothing short of inspirational," Mr Moore said.

"Sponsoring Jasmine has given us the opportunity to focus on her incredible positivity and determination and we believe she will inspire other young people to follow their dreams."

On Saturday afternoon, 20 February, Jasmine arrived in Antigua to a wave of supporters and media, after 70 days, 3 hours 48 minutes at sea.

In partnership with Vencomatic UK, the firm's dealers Vencomatic Group said they were also proud to be able to support her.

“Vencomatic Group is a leading company in the poultry sector, it is our ambition to make poultry husbandry sustainable," Vencomatic Group said.

"We seek to balance the operation of a successful business with the lowest possible environmental impact, all while achieving the highest animal welfare levels.

"Vencomatic Group’s concept of ‘pioneer’ aligns together with Jasmine’s brave character and her lust for adventure.

"Similar to her aims, we also have the determination to develop innovative products, try new approaches and lead the way for the future

"Together, we hope that Jasmine’s story inspires other individuals and businesses to be resilient, do what they love and continue to support one another even after this dark wave has passed."