Video: Five-wheeled Hydro Trike to make UK debut

LAMMA 2020 will see the UK debut of the new Vervaet Hydro Trike 5x5 on the J Riley Beet Harvesters stand
LAMMA 2020 will see the UK debut of the new Vervaet Hydro Trike 5x5 on the J Riley Beet Harvesters stand

The new Vervaet Hydro Trike 5x5 will have its UK debut at the annual LAMMA machinery show next month.

This new version of the popular Hydro Trike self-propelled slurry applicator and manure spreader features a driven mid-axle and a completely renewed powertrain.

The five-wheel concept combines the excellent manoeuvrability of a single front wheel with the even ground pressure across the full 4.5m width provided by the additional mid-axle.

With a self-contained 130hp hydraulic system driving the mid-axle, the machine’s abilities are extended even further especially when working undulating terrain and in arduous conditions.

The mid-axle also gains a new stabilisation and suspension system for better operator comfort.

Earlier this year the Dutch machinery firm launched the VSG drive system with two hydraulic motors to power the rear axle.

Switching between field and transport range takes place automatically and on the move up to the Trike’s 40kph top speed.

A new fully electronic traction control system replaces a manual setup, and the entire hydraulic system is quieter and more efficient.

The Hydro Trike will be available to see at the J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd stand at LAMMA.

Also showcased on the stand will be a Vervaet Q-616 sugar beet harvester.

First introduced three years ago, the Q-Series machines have proven to be worthy replacements for the legendary Beet Eater 617.

This year’s weather has so far shown that they’re equally as capable of dealing with arduous conditions as larger machines whilst also treading lightly.

The latest version of the Q-616 boasts a 530hp DAF-Paccar engine as well as the usual features of rotating walking shares, extreme manoeuvrability and one-wheel per-track to minimise soil compaction.