Videos show activists target farmer by blocking road

(Photo: Jess (@Lillady)/Twitter)
(Photo: Jess (@Lillady)/Twitter)

Social media users have roundly applauded a farmer for keeping her calm after what appears to be vegan campaigners blocking the road she was driving on as she attempted to deliver her livestock.

Sheep farmer Jess, based in the South West, posted videos of the incident on Twitter on Wednesday 29 May.

The clips show a number of people wearing hi-vis jackets attempting to impede her vehicle and livestock trailer.

Speaking on a Twitter post, she said she wasn't 'keen on the amount of photos and videos taken of my face'.

"I’m not sure how scaring my animals by shoving cameras inside my trailer is actually allowed, would I be liable if I had a ram and someone got hurt?

"Could I legally scare someone’s pet cat in their garden? Police just walk along side asking me to slow down," she added.

Social media users reacted to the two videos she uploaded, roundly applauding the farmer for keeping calm.