Waitrose to source 100% British lamb by 2021

Waitrose said it wants to 'support and invest in the future of British agriculture'
Waitrose said it wants to 'support and invest in the future of British agriculture'

Waitrose has announced plans to reach 100 percent British-sourced across its own label of fresh and frozen lamb by 2021.

The retailer is set to source all of its own label lamb from British farmers by the summer of 2021.

All of the supermarket’s fresh chicken, pork, beef, eggs and liquid milk is already sourced exclusively from the UK.

It previously sourced some of its lamb from New Zealand during the winter months.

But the move will see Waitrose extend its commitment to UK lamb producers, as it wants to focus its 'investment on the future of British agriculture'.

The supermarket will firstly be extending the opportunity to its existing lamb producers and by welcoming new ones into its supply chain.

Tor Harris, Head of Agriculture at Waitrose, said the supermarket chain is 'delighted' to be able to extend the strategy.

He said: “We are constantly looking at ways to innovate our product and are looking to partner with new lamb producers around Britain to ensure we continue to offer high quality lamb all year round.”

NFU Cymru welcomed the announcement, saying it comes at a time of 'great uncertainty' for the UK sheep sector.

The union's Livestock Board Chairman, Wyn Evans said: “News that Waitrose will be moving to a year-round supply of Farm Assured quality Welsh and British lamb is a welcome boost.

“This is a really positive move from one of the major buyers of lamb in the UK which highlights that there is a strong appetite amongst consumers for Welsh and British lamb products.

“We look forward to working in partnership with Waitrose to help further grow sales of great tasting Welsh lamb.”