Wales YFC offers use of quad bike for one year

The challenge wants to promote safety practices amongst Wales YFC members
The challenge wants to promote safety practices amongst Wales YFC members

Wales YFC is offering young farmers the chance to win the use of a brand new quad bike for a year as part of a safety initiative.

For the second year in a row, the YFC is collaborating with Quad Bike Wales with the ATV Challenge.

The initiative seeks to promote the use of farm safety practices amongst young farmers in Wales.

Wales YFC members have been tasked to create a short 1 minute ‘ATV Safety Advert’ focusing on quad bike safety for agricultural use.

Video entries must be sent to via email or WeTransfer by Tuesday 24 November.

Beca Glyn, Wales YFC member and Chairman of Ysbyty Ifan YFC, knows all too well the consequences of not following farm safety measures.

She had serious accident on a quad bike in March 2018 in which she sustained a fractured skull, neck and major bruising.

After a long 9 month recovery period, she is still living with the aftermath of the accident.

Her medical team are unsure whether Glyn will ever regain her sense of taste, smell and ability to sleep through the night.

But she recognises that she is very lucky to be alive: “I’ve made huge progress, but I also know that if I had been wearing a helmet and undertaken training on driving an ATV safely, I may not have ended up in hospital at all.”

Now acting as an advocate for farm safety in Wales, Beca Glyn is determined to raise awareness of farm safety and the risks associated with agricultural work.

“Almost everything we do on the farm has associated risks, from handling animals to operating machinery and from dealing with pesticides to driving tractors and ATVs.

"But provided you have had training, you will know what steps to take to reduce the risks of accidents."

Those who want to take part in the ATV Challenge must hold either a full Driving Licence or Tractor Licence.

A copy or image is required to be emailed to Wales YFC along with a certificate of competence in ATV Handling.