Welsh government must 'reinforce' Welsh brand, NFU Cymru says

NFU Cymru President, John Davies said there is a 'unique opportunity' for Wales to 'come together'
NFU Cymru President, John Davies said there is a 'unique opportunity' for Wales to 'come together'

The Welsh government has been told to 'reinforce' Wales' position as a 'world-leading brand' synonymous with 'high-quality and sustainable food production'.

NFU Cymru has urged government to work with farmers to design a new agricultural policy that emphasises local food production.

During a speech at the NFU Conference on Tuesday (19 February), NFU Cymru President John Davies outlined the union’s ambitions for the future of Welsh food.

He said: “We have a unique opportunity to come together to position Wales as a country of high quality food production underpinned by a strong natural asset base under the Brand Wales umbrella.

“We have an opportunity to market and promote the full range of goods and services that Welsh farmers provide; food, environment, landscape and tourism.

“We want to develop a truly comprehensive and fully integrated policy providing stability to help family farming businesses so that they can drive their businesses forward; delivering efficient food production systems, meeting our climate change obligations whilst maintaining and enhancing our environment,” Mr Davies said.

The new food and drink strategy along with a post-Brexit agricultural policy is seen as an opportunity to bring the Wales' agriculture and food strategies together.

Mr Davies also said farmers need to be 'totally focussed' on working with the wider industry to push the boundaries on new technologies.

“I want us to be totally focussed on working with our research institutes pushing the boundaries on technology, breeding and genetics; working with our colleges and universities to educate and challenge our next generation to drive our industry forward; collaborating with our levy bodies to grow market share for our fantastic produce and working with our Government to put in place an enabling policy and regulatory framework,” he said.

“I firmly believe that by doing this we have a unique opportunity to deliver a productive, progressive and profitable food and farming industry for Wales.”