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6.967 acres of Pastureland


Property Images:
6.967 acres of Pastureland_1 6.967 acres of Pastureland_2 6.967 acres of Pastureland_3 6.967 acres of Pastureland_4 6.967 acres of Pastureland_5 6.967 acres of Pastureland_6 6.967 acres of Pastureland_7 6.967 acres of Pastureland_8

Property Details:

The land has access off St Athan Road via an agricultural gate. The land is elongated rectangular shape with road frontage. The land sits behind the properties 15 & 16 New Barn.

The land is reasonably level and is presently down to pasture.

The land is shown edged red on the plan for identification purposes only.

Basic Payment Scheme

The land is being sold without the benefit of Basic Payment Scheme Entitlements.


The plans attached to these particulars are shown for identification purposes only and, whilst every care has been taken, its contents cannot be guaranteed.

Wayleaves/Easements/Rights of Way

The land is subject to, and with the benefit of all rights, including: rights of way, whether public or private, light, drainage, water and electricity supplies and other rights and obligations, easements and quasi easements and restrictive covenants and all existing and proposed wayleaves for masts, pylons, stays, cables, drains, water and gas and other pipes whether referred to in these particulars or not.

Property Location