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Land at Trowbridge


Property Images:
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Property Details:

The Land at Staverton extends to about 7.75 acres (3.14 ha) of gently sloping, south-west facing ground contained in a ring fence with good access to the B3105. The land is a fertile clay loam capable of growing a wide variety of crops. It has recently been growing a crop of hemp under license for The Home Office. 
There is a good and wide gateway leading off the highway into the land, it has secure double gates and there is room to park vehicles in the gateway. Once inside the property, there is a large hardcore acre for parking vehicles and other equipment. The fencing around the perimeter is a well maintained and the high deer fence offering plenty of protection and security.
The land is an ideal parcel of ground for amenity equestrian use with plenty of room for riding around the stockproof perimeter hedging and fencing.

Property Location