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31 May 2013 09:53:24 |

BGS visit focuses on nutrient-wise farming

Grassland farmers keen to learn how to manage nutrients to achieve greater profits while protecting the environment, are invited to join the British Grassland Society (BGS) and the Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE), on a tour of the ‘Farm Platform’ at Rothamsted Research, North Wyke in Devon on 12 June.
The ‘Farm Platform’ is a unique scientific research facility where state-of-the-art instrumentation in hydrologically isolated fields and farmlets, allows detailed comparisons to be made between different grassland farming practices. During the visit research staff will describe the trials work that is going on, and the implications this has for pastoral livestock farmers.
The visit is part of the ‘Nutrient-Wise’ Demonstration project, which has so far encouraged 250 farmers from the South West of England to think more carefully about their use of fertilisers and manures. This programme is funded through the RDPE via the SWARM Hub, managed by Duchy College’s Rural Business School.
Charlotte Johnston, livestock technical specialist at RASE said the organisation is excited to be working with British Grassland Society, to showcase the use of technology in collecting data to improve grassland farming at North Wyke.

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