Arable news around the UK

15 January 2020

UK crop production 'will fall dramatically' if Atlantic circulation collapses

14 January 2020

Scientists fear a climate change 'tipping point'

New tool available this spring to combat tough grass weeds

13 January 2020

Arable farmers have a new herbicide option

New smart crop management software to launch in UK

10 January 2020

Designed to simplify agronomic decision making

UK agri-tech firm raises £2.3m to advance vertical farms

9 January 2020

Demand for vertical farm tech grows

Scientists team with farmers to grow organic OSR in Scotland

8 January 2020

Scientists explore options for organic oilseed

New discovery to help fight lethal oilseed rape disease

7 January 2020

Scientists find way to improve OSR resilience

Overuse of herbicides costing UK economy '£400m per year'

26 December 2019

Scientists put a figure on herbicidal resistance

Flood-hit farmers get help by Tesco to sell 'ugly' spuds

23 December 2019

Stickers on packets highlight flood impact

Chance for farmers to lead research into flea beetle solutions

20 December 2019

Second stage of a farm lab to commence

Miscanthus farm walk showcases crop on flooded land

19 December 2019

Farmers invited to attend a farm walk

Multi-species grass mixes can increase yield stability, study says

12 December 2019

Yield stability even under drought conditions

'Fine tuning' wheat genome could boost UK harvest

12 December 2019

Wheat has untapped genetic potential

Naked oats growers wanted in East Midlands

11 December 2019

Farmers encouraged to consider growing naked oats

Nutrition 'vital' in light of soil conditions

11 December 2019

Growers urged to prioritise cereal crop nutrition

New EU rules to stop plant diseases spreading

10 December 2019

New regulations come into effect on Saturday

Crops protected from disease without use of sprays

9 December 2019

Scientists test a new way to protect crops

GM potato trials point to blight resistant crops of the future

6 December 2019

GM potato with improved tuber quality

Warmer Octobers boost potential for higher OSR yields

6 December 2019

Field trial reveals a sunnier side of climate change

Farmers benefit from free online data focusing on UK soils

5 December 2019

Free data about UK soils helping farmers

Growers warn bad weather could 'wipe out' UK carrot harvest

4 December 2019

UK at risk of running low on carrot supplies

Oat pathogen defence discovery marks important milestone

3 December 2019

Scientists discover oats' genetic defence system

AHDB's updated Recommended Lists sees 28 new varieties

3 December 2019

New RL offers stronger choice for growers

Field trials of high iron wheat reap promising harvest results

2 December 2019

UK field trials progress successfully

UK 2019 pulse harvest 'significantly better' than 2018

28 November 2019

2020 harvest area looks set to grow

Crisp production 'likely to be impacted' due to severe weather

27 November 2019

Growers remain 'extremely concerned' with production

'Historic agreement' to bring more choice for sugar beet growers

26 November 2019

New agreement reached extends seed offering

UK growers set to plant less due to bad weather

26 November 2019

Weather sees big swings in cropping intentions

Yields higher in 2019 for all main crops, survey shows

22 November 2019

The survey covers 110,600 hectares

New tool will help farmers assess soil quality and value

21 November 2019

Farmers will be able to value land more precisely

Scientists discover origin of deadly wheat pathogen

20 November 2019

The pathogen threatens a vital global food source