Arable news around the UK

18 June 2019

Changing weather conditions heaps blight pressure on growers

17 June 2019

Temp and humidity in the past week have sparked warnings

Blackgrass evolving resistance to glyphosate

14 June 2019

A new ‘early warning system’ made the discovery

Scottish seed potato grower needed to host industry initiative

13 June 2019

Seed grower needed for next strategic potato farm

Campaign started to highlight significance of arable sector

12 June 2019

Farmers will showcase value of cereals to MPs

CropTec to show latest tech for arable sector amid uncertainty

10 June 2019

The show helps ensure the sustainable growth of arable businesses

Traffic lights and an MOT could save Britain’s soils

10 June 2019

It'll use red, amber and green to monitor soil-health

Farmers invited to investigate methods for controlling brome grass

7 June 2019

Arable farmers invited to new farmer-led field trial

Leics father and son team join Monitor Farm network

5 June 2019

The duo farm a total of 560 hectares of arable cropping

Arable soils losing up to 60% of organic carbon, report says

4 June 2019

Compaction and loss of organic carbon are 'serious threats' to soil

Kent farmer who farms 768ha appointed new Monitor Farm host

29 May 2019

Farming 768ha, Will Smith grows a diverse range of crops

Farmers fear waning crop protection toolkit amid population hike

28 May 2019

UK farmers look to future where crop toolkit is decreased

UK wine industry becomes one of fastest growing agri sectors

26 May 2019

A record 3 million vines has been planted this year

Soil map uses gamma-ray detection tech to offer greater accuracy

21 May 2019

It sets a new standard for accuracy in precision farming

Global map of manure to help farmers better utilise phosphorus

8 May 2019

Food production hinges largely upon access to phosphorus fertiliser

Bid to extend use of metaldehyde slug pellet products unsuccessful

17 April 2019

Slugs are a significant pest for agricultural and horticultural crop

EU Parliament’s pesticides committee 'reached wrong conclusions', UK MEP says

15 April 2019

EU's PEST Committee reached 'wrong conclusions and disregarded key evidence'

New fertiliser made by used batteries to launch in UK

12 April 2019

This fertiliser is made using old alkaline batteries

England's seven new Monitor Farms aim to bring whole-farm approach

9 April 2019

Seven new Monitor Farms bring whole-farm approach

Project to analyse true costs per crop to give farmers accuracy

8 April 2019

The status quo for farmers is 'unsustainable' and will be 'exacerbated'

Legacy of UK research on weed management is being 'eroded'

5 April 2019

Essential weed management info could be lost to the farming industry

EU approval secured for renewal of nitrates derogation in NI

28 March 2019

This includes the removal of the ban on the use of Urea chemical fertiliser

Chlorothalonil ban will 'rob' farmers of 'vital' product

27 March 2019

The number of plant protection products available to growers is shrinking

Water for food should be classified as an 'essential use', Defra told

21 March 2019

Water for food production is 'equal in status' to water for public supply

Volunteer crops main cause of elevated erucic acid levels in OSR

27 February 2019

Elevated levels of erucic acid in double-low oilseed rape (OSR) crops are most likely to be the result of crop contamination by high or elev...

Arable farmers struggle to plan ahead due to Brexit uncertaity

27 February 2019

The continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit is now impacting the grain trade, the NFU has warned, with British arable businesses struggling...

Project to link tech with knowledge to deliver greater advice for farmers

26 February 2019

A new project has been launched which aims to look at how technologies can be linked with knowledge to deliver a greater level of advice to ...

Farmers help reverse decline in key earthworm types

22 February 2019

Farmers are helping reverse a decline in key earthworm types on their land by making changes to their soil management practices. A study ...

Neonics ban blamed for UK oilseed rape crop losses

19 February 2019

There has been a 'significant loss' in this year’s winter oilseed rape planted area, with nearly four times as much lost than last autumn, a...

New research could help farmers deal with damaging weather fluctuations

18 February 2019

Researchers have uncovered new evidence about the agriculturally important process of vernalisation in a development that could help farmers...

Exposure to glyphosate increases risk of cancer by 41%, research warns

14 February 2019

People who have a high exposure to the popular herbicide glyphosate have a 41% increased risk of developing a certain type of cancer, resear...