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20 April 2017 11:31:45 |Animal Health,News,Sheep

Lamb rescued after falling 10 feet down into muddy well

A distressed lamb has been rescued from a muddy well at a farm in Lincolnshire

A distressed lamb has been rescued from a muddy well at a farm in Lincolnshire

A walker phoned for rescue after he found a lamb had fallen 10 feet down into a muddy well in a field in Lincolnshire.
The RSPCA was alerted to the lamb’s plight by a walker who heard her desperately bleating in the deep, stone well in the middle of a field off Green Lane, Woodhall Spa.
Inspector Deborah Scotcher went to the scene to help the lamb on Saturday (15 April).
“The poor little thing was rather muddy and wet but, thankfully, despite a 10ft fall, didn’t seem injured,” iIspector Scotcher said.
“She was too far down for the walker to reach so he called us to help.
“Luckily, the lamb was standing and was alert when I arrived and, despite being a little mucky, she was in good condition and wasn’t too worse for wear.
“It’s not quite clear how she fell over the wall surrounding the well but she took quite the tumble as she must have been a good 10ft down. I suspect she jumped onto the well thinking it was a rock or tree stump, without realising it was an opening.
“I managed to get her out by stepping down onto a ledge within the well shaft and reached down to scoop her up.
“I gave her a quick check over and she didn’t have any injuries and was desperate to get back to her mum so I let her run back to the flock.”

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