Animal health news around the UK

19 July 2019

African swine fever hits China in fresh blow

18 July 2019

Another blow to China's cherished industry

Driffield Show cancelled pig classes over swine dysentery

18 July 2019

Cancelled due to disease concerns

General licence consultation open for Scottish farmers

18 July 2019

It comes amid ongoing legal challenges in England

Scientists achieve potential bovine TB breakthrough

18 July 2019

Researchers have developed two skin tests

Swine fever outbreak could cost UK £85m

17 July 2019

ASF in UK could cost UK pig industry millions

Farmer ordered to pay £36k after welfare offences

16 July 2019

She is also banned from keeping livestock

Sheep group highlights 'tough line' on jetters and showers

15 July 2019

It is to 'protect future of sheep scab control'

Bovine TB: Emotional toll on farmers 'must be explored'

15 July 2019

'Little thought' given to farmers after bTB breakdown

Swine dysentery confirmed in North Yorkshire

15 July 2019

It is suspected to have been present for 7 days

Lameness in dairy cows set to reduce

15 July 2019

Genetic improvement of the UK herd increases

New vaccine to help tackle Mycoplasma Bovis

12 July 2019

Vaccinating reduced mortality by nearly 40%

Enzootic Abortion of Ewes campaign launched

12 July 2019

The disease is a significant burden to sheep

Boris Johnson signals possible ban on live exports

12 July 2019

He called it a 'really terrible business'

Traces of ASF detected in seized meat at airport

11 July 2019

The meat was seized at a N Ireland airport

Group calls for tax on lower welfare eggs

10 July 2019

The group is calling for higher taxes on eggs

Farmers warned about cattle-affecting head flies

10 July 2019

Watch out for surge of head flies from July

Report shows UK pig sector's health and welfare advances

10 July 2019

Pig producers to take the sector forward to 2030

Benefits of proactive flock management at weaning time

9 July 2019

Farmers are urged to keep an eye on three factors

UK farmers trial 3D scanner to improve cow welfare

9 July 2019

Farmers trial industry-first 3D scanning systems

Opposition to EU proposals on TB movement testing

8 July 2019

Farmers fear proposals could 'damage' the industry

Pig producers welcome new ASF border controls

5 July 2019

Defra is launching a new poster campaign

Waitrose wins 'Best Retailer' for farm animal welfare

1 July 2019

Waitrose beat 27 retailers from across Europe

Anger after BBC suggests UK farmers have low welfare standards

29 June 2019

The NFU has demanded an apology from the BBC

New welfare audit launched for UK game farms

28 June 2019

Welfare measures have been added to the audit

Farming Minister highlights importance of #MuckFreeTruck campaign

23 June 2019

It urges farmers to keep their lorries clean from disease

Campaign urges farmers to vaccinate in advance of tupping

21 June 2019

Unnecessary lamb losses can be prevented

Cold plasma tech could 'transform' UK food production

21 June 2019

It can reduce harmful antibiotics in the food chain

Badger vaccination grant opens for applications

20 June 2019

The grant covers 50% of badger vaccination costs

Campaign urges farmers to use livestock health plan

19 June 2019

The number of livestock farmers using a health plan has fallen

New scheme to help Welsh farmers improve pig herd health

14 June 2019

Eligible pig farmers can access 80% funding