Animal health news around the UK

19 October 2019

Livestock antibiotic sales in Europe drop

17 October 2019

Sales fall by 32 percent across 25 countries

Farmers urged to start testing for liver fluke this autumn

16 October 2019

There may be more liver fluke around this season

Expert's five steps to make cattle housing fit for winter

15 October 2019

The principles will help farmers keep cattle healthy

Swine dysentery confirmed on Norfolk farm

14 October 2019

Latest disease outbreak hits Norfolk pig unit

Farmers told to keep livestock safe this firework season

14 October 2019

Loud noises can be traumatic for livestock

French duck farm hit by mild strand of bird flu

11 October 2019

H5 bird flu virus detected in France

Badger culling effective in reducing bTB in cattle, study says

11 October 2019

Peer-reviewed study says culling reduces new outbreaks

NFU dismisses study suggesting badger culls spread bTB

9 October 2019

New study claims cull spreads bovine TB

Scientists genetically engineer hornless dairy bulls

9 October 2019

Move to make livestock handling safer

Farmers urged to prepare for winter bird flu threat

7 October 2019

Farmers urged to prepare for winter bird flu threat

Vaccinations against key diseases highest in seven years

5 October 2019

Rise in use could help curb antibiotic resistance

Farmers with autumn calving herds urged to be coccidiosis vigilant

4 October 2019

Be coccidiosis aware with calves this autumn

China’s pig herd may reduce by 55% due to ASF

4 October 2019

African swine fever taking its toll on China

Sniffer dogs combat swine fever threat at UK borders

3 October 2019

Dogs used at border against threat of ASF

Parts of UK at 'high risk' of liver fluke this autumn

3 October 2019

Animal health experts warn farmers

Video: Farmer rescues calf trapped in underground pipe

3 October 2019

The rescue took over 2 hours to complete

Major sausage producer claims UK pork supply under threat

3 October 2019

China's ASF problem affecting UK pork supply

Trial reveals point of 'peak profit' to cut livestock emissions

2 October 2019

Study analysed six years of real-world data

Sheep farmers 'astonished' over live export ban proposal

1 October 2019

Farmers say the plan 'defies belief'

Rare chicken breeds could be saved by surrogacy advance

1 October 2019

Hens act as surrogates for rarer breeds

Tories plan to end long-distance live exports

30 September 2019

Most live exports could be banned under the plan

Gene editing a 'key tool' in improving UK pig production

26 September 2019

It could help tackle disease and boost efficiency

Government backtracks on non-stun meat labelling

24 September 2019

Backtrack on previous positions by Defra ministers

New sheep and cattle group proposed to advance welfare

24 September 2019

Consultation seeks views on formation of group

Livestock antibiotic use targets to be refreshed

23 September 2019

Livestock farmers for get new targets

Vets call for no-deal to be taken off negotiating table

23 September 2019

Loss of trade and workforce major concerns

Swansea City FC helps fund badger vaccination pilot

20 September 2019

The Championship team helps bTB efforts

Defra to gather views on new proposal for sheep ageing

19 September 2019

Consultation has been launched by Defra

Farmers' views needed on RSPCA proposals to tackle bTB

19 September 2019

Farmers and vets asked for views on bTB

Farmers call for urgent Defra meeting over cull rejection

18 September 2019

It follows rejection of Derbyshire cull