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10 May 2018 08:11:44 |News

NFYFC vows disciplinary action as antisocial YFC members identified

The video shows someone kicking a passing car as it drives down a busy road (Video: Alex Miklos/Facebook)

The video shows someone kicking a passing car as it drives down a busy road (Video: Alex Miklos/Facebook)

NFYFC is carrying out disciplinary processes after successfully identifying the young farmers involved in antisocial behaviour during its Annual Convention in Blackpool.
A video has been shared more than a 1,600 times on social media which shows a small group of young farmers displaying antisocial behaviour during the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs (NFYFC) Annual Convention last weekend (4-6 May).
The release of the viral video led the Chairman of the NFYFC, Lynsey Martin to issue out a public apology on Facebook.
In a Facebook post denouncing their actions, Ms Martin said she is "really sad, disappointed and ashamed" of the video.
NFYFC has now confirmed that the YFC members in the video have been identified, and disciplinary processes are now under way to remove those involved from the organisation.
The organisation’s chief officer James Eckley has made a public statement thanking responses.

"The Federation is now carrying out its disciplinary process to ensure that those involved in causing anti-social behaviour are removed from the organisation," Mr Eckley said.
"These people cannot be identified publically for legal reasons. NFYFC is taking this issue very seriously. All of the incidents that occurred over the weekend, not just those caught on cameras, are being investigated and appropriate action will be taken with the support of the relevant local authorities.
"We offer reassurance to Blackpool residents and businesses that the viability of this event is under scrutiny. A review process is already underway with the event management team, which will also involve Blackpool authorities.
Mr Eckley added: "The behaviour that has been highlighted is not in line with NFYFC’s values and ethos. It is now the responsibility of all of our 24,500 members to pull together and show what it really means to be a proud member of a Young Farmers’ Club."


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