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10 August 2018 05:17:32 |Finance,Meat,News,Produce,Sheep

New £200,000 fund to promote Scotch lamb 'great boost' for farmers

The additional funding will enhance marketing of Scotch lamb

The additional funding will enhance marketing of Scotch lamb

A new £200,000 fund to promote Scotch lamb has been welcomed as a "great boost" for farmers.
The campaign was announced by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to support Quality Meat Scotland’s 2018 promotional campaign.
The sheep sector plays a significant part in Scotland’s red meat industry, which is worth £892 million to Scotland.
The First Minister confirmed the funding as she barbecued Scotch lamb at the Turriff Show with farmers and butchers.
She said the food and drink sector plays an "important part" in Scotland’s economy.
"It's important we promote our premium produce. The strength of our farming industry would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of the farmers who work tirelessly to produce high quality meat," she said.

“That hard work and premium product is recognised by the protection given by the EU to the Scotch Lamb brand and we will be working hard to continue that protection in the future."
Jim McLaren, Quality Meat Scotland's Chairman said the announcement is "fantastic news" for the Scottish sheep industry.
"It's a great boost for our producers. This additional funding will enhance our comprehensive marketing and public relations Scotch Lamb PGI campaign, which is due to launch at the end of August," Mr McLaren said.
The eight-week campaign will spread the word to Scottish consumers about the quality of Scotch Lamb.
The announcement follows news of the Scottish government calling for urgent action from Number 10 in Brexit talks to protect Scotland’s food and drink produce.
The Scottish government is pressing the UK government to agree a need for a UK Geographical Indications (GI) system post-Brexit.


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