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9 August 2018 04:26:49 |Arable,Crops and Cereals,News

New Corteva fungicide for UK growers moves a step closer

The product has "outstanding control" of Septoria tritici, rust and other diseases.

The product has "outstanding control" of Septoria tritici, rust and other diseases.

A revolutionary cereals fungicide has moved a step closer to the UK market with the news that Inatreq active has received EU annex 1 approval.
Corteva Agriscience, the Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, says the product has outstanding control of Septoria tritici, rust and other diseases.
Its curative and preventative attributes will be a much-needed weapon in the battle to control the most difficult pathogen found in UK wheat crops.
The active boasts a unique site of action for cereal fungicides with no cross-resistance to existing chemistry, including triazoles, strobilurins and SDHIs.
“We are excited that the EU has paved the way for growers to benefit from this new fungicide,” said Thomas Lyall, regulatory and stewardship leader for Corteva.
“Inatreq is a game changer that allows growers to enhance their yields while combining application flexibility with excellent crop safety.”

Inatreq will be the first completely new molecule with broad-spectrum activity to be added to the fungicide armoury in over a decade.
Corteva will now seek UK registration with the first sales expected in 2020.
Product submissions will be made in anticipation of Inatreq being widely available for sale throughout Europe.


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