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22 February 2013 11:40:52 |

Phospates production cuts helped 'stabilise prices'

Calum Findlay, Gleadell’s fertiliser manager, comments on fertiliser markets:
The market remains firm and producers are comfortable for the foreseeable future.
Demand into Europe continues as application starts.
There has been no improvement in the gas supply position in North Africa. Further export availability continues to be cut by increased domestic commitments.
There is more demand still to surface so little reason why prices will weaken in the short term.
Moving into April/May could be more interesting though once US and European demand subsides.
Ammonium Nitrate/ Sulphur
The replacement value of Imported AN in the UK moves up, reflecting further strengthening of the EURO vs. the UK £.
Yara have moved CAN prices up in Europe.
GrowHow still holding prices but these are under constant review so do present a buying opportunity today.
Ammonium Sulphate is also firm with limited availability in the UK and Europe for March.
Continued production cuts have helped to stabilise prices.
Fresh buying interest from Europe and several South American markets has surfaced.
Values would appear to have now turned a corner and for the first time in months are showing definite signs of a recovery.
Demand will arrive from India which will only help the recovery.
TSP values are at a three year low so should be considered today.
Prices have bottomed out, producers have increased prices for Muriate of Potash with immediate effect.
The outlook is for firming prices as spring demand increases.
Proposals for the new Potash mine in North East England took another step forwards this week, as plans were submitted to the North York’s National Park.

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