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1 March 2012 19:13:44 |Animal Health,News

Phytogenics recognised as safe by the EU

FRESTA F, the world’s first and only proven phytogenic zootechnical feed additive, is approved for use by the EU.
The EU announced Feb 15 the registration of FRESTA F, manufactured by DELACON BIOTECHNIK, as an approved zootechnical feed additive under Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003. FRESTA F was approved after an exacting safety, quality and efficacy evaluation by the European Food Safety Authority, the European Union Reference Laboratory, the EU Commission and 27 EU Member States.
FRESTA F is the first and only phytogenic (plant derived, natural, botanical) product in the world approved by the European Union as a zootechnical additive. It delivers an outstanding combination of standardized, plant derived substances, developed to improve the performance of piglets, and now proven to improve the performance of piglets.
Consumers and governments are increasingly challenging our sector to use proven, safe and effective natural products throughout the human food chain.
Phytogenic products are a natural alternative to the synthetic products that consumers want to avoid. Delacon is meeting the need by providing feed manufacturers, premixers and animal producers with a phytogenic alternative that, alone, and in combination with many other feed additives, can meet the diverse and changing needs of demand drivers, end users, and the consumer.
In a feed additive market flooded with "natural" products of uncertain benefit and composition, where buyer and regulator confidence can be low, this EU announcement is a milestone. It marks the first time a regulatory body has accepted that a phytogenic feed additive delivers safe, effective and proven results. This will boost overall customer confidence in registered phytogenic products, and provide them with a new level of assurance of the quality, safety and efficacy of our products.
Feed additives are a €12 billion global market. DELACON is rapidly expanding into this market through investment and innovation in phytogenic solutions. Since 2010 the company has invested heavily in capacity and talent, including our:
- world-class Performing Nature Research Center
- newly established Innovation and Research, and Communication Divisions
- appointments of new Directors, technicians, and product managers
DELACON pioneered phytogenic feed additives and is the largest producer and distributor of phytogenic feed additives in the world. DELACON is the global leader in phytogenic innovation, knowledge and applications. We work with nature to discover new combinations of phytogenic substances, to improve animal nutritional efficiency, and to reduce synthetic additives in the human food chain.


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