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22 February 2017 | NFU | 75524 views

NFU Feeding the Future report

22 February 2017 | NFU | 75524 views

NFU Feeding the Future report

A new report from the NFU urges Government and research providers to invest in agricultural R&D and to enable British farmers to use the latest technologies. The report, Feeding the Future, Fou...

9 January 2016 | NFU | 9838 views

UK Farming's Relationship with the EU - NFU report

Our country’s relationship with the European Union (EU) is under intense scrutiny ahead of the referendum on whether the UK should remain a part of it or not. The EU and what goes on in places l...

17 September 2014 | NFU | 6963 views

NFU 2015 general election manifesto

A Government that understands farm businesses, wants agriculture to grow and has the policies that send the right signals to farmers, are the key messages in the NFU’s farming manifesto launched...

22 March 2013 | NFU | 3920 views

NFU Poultry Highlights - 21st March 2013

The NFU Poultry Highlights for 21st March 2013...

22 March 2013 | NFU | 4059 views

NFU Poultry Business Report - 21st March 2013

The NFU Poultry Business Report for 21st March 2013...

17 February 2013 | NFU | 2836 views

NFU Poultry Highlights 15th February 2013

NFU Poultry Highlights for the 15th February 2013...

9 February 2013 | NFU | 3816 views

NFU Poultry Bulletin 8th February 2013

The NFU Poultry Bulletin for the 8th February 2013...

9 December 2012 | NFU | 3268 views

NFU Poultry Highlights - 7th December 2012

NFU launches Turkeys for Troops campaign Injured British soldiers will be tucking into a farm-fresh turkey dinner this Christmas thanks to donations from producers up and down the country. The NF...

2 December 2012 | NFU | 3328 views

NFU Poultry Newsletter - 3rd November 2012

NFU disappointment over Morrisons’ poultry meat decision A decision by Morrisons to move away from stocking 100 per cent fresh British poultry meat is "extremely disappointing" fo...

1 July 2012 | NFU | 5904 views

NFU Review of Grocery Retailer CSR Policies

The NFU have published the findings of a major investigation into the corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies of the 10 largest UK supermarket chains. The report, which for the first time l...

6 February 2011 | NFU | 7331 views

NFU Cost of Milk Production report

The report covers 809 dairy units and provided actual costs for April 2009 to March 2010 and projected costs for April 2010 to March 2011. Any adjusted forecasts to reflect exceptional rises in feed p...