8 December 2015 | Poultry | 6522 views

SEPRA Market Report 4th December 2015

The market is a bit hesitant, a bit of lack of demand possibly linked to bacon and sausages bad publicity of late, Colony is still the weakest with Free Range still tight, the smaller shops have been a lot busier this last week probably because of the diabolical weather we have been hit with, customers not wanting to travel far and possibly doing a bit more baking and cooking (that hibernation urge + home cooking is best).
There never used to be a weakening of the market pricing till at least post-Christmas, but in recent years we have seen increasing reductions in price earlier, we blame this on increasing computerisation and integration, now it is possible to predict exactly what a flock will be producing numbers and size wise for its entire laying life, giving packers and marketeers the ability to know and plan many months in advance for their supply requirements and their ability to predict any surplus to be moved pre-Christmas.