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23 June 2017 Views 1103
UK is heading for hard Brexit 'one way or another'

Britain is heading for a hard Brexit in one way or another according to a leading agricultural advis...

22 June 2017 Views 2523
UK could remain within EEA for up to six years

A leading agricultural business consultant has said it is ‘extremely likely’ that Britai...

21 June 2017 Views 179
UK Trailer Lights at Cereals 2017

FarmingUK TV speaks to Ian Course of UK Trailer Lights at the 2017 Cereals show.

20 June 2017 Views 108
Fera Science at Cereals 2017

FarmingUK TV speak to Fera Science at the Cereals 2017 show.

16 June 2017 Views 511
Agrovista at Cereals 2017

FarmingUK met Agrovista at Cereals 2017, where we discussed their new Axis Portal software.

15 June 2017 Views 494
Freedom Food approves first UK Aviary System at Potters Poultry

FarmingUKTV visits Potters Poultry to discuss their aviary system, which is the first in the UK to b...

10 June 2017 Views 1512
British wool market down 13 per cent compared to last year

Auction prices for wool are down by 13 per cent on average against last year, according the British ...

8 June 2017 Views 1264
UK sheep industry heading for volatility post-Brexit

The leader of the United Kingdom's sheep farmers warned during this year's North Sheep event...

1 June 2017 Views 826
AgriArgo at Grassland and Muck 2017

FarmingUK speak to AgriArgo at the Grassland and Muck Show 2017

26 May 2017 Views 378
Landia at Grassland and Muck 2017

FarmingUK speak to Landia at the Grassland and Muck Show 2017

26 May 2017 Views 286
Rothamsted Research at Grassland and Muck 2017

FarmingUK speak to Rothamsted Research at the Grassland and Muck Show 2017

25 May 2017 Views 337
Huntsmoor Park Farm at Grassland and Muck 2017

FarmingUKTV speak to Huntsmoor Park Farm at the Grassland & Muck Show 2017.

19 May 2017 Views 1415
Beef Expo showcases best beef farms UK has to offer

National Beef Association's Beef Expo showcased everything truly British about the UK's beef...

8 May 2017 Views 757
A2 Milk - not all cows’ milk is the same!

There are many milk alternatives on the market. However, unlike most, A2 milk is still pure cows&rsq...

26 April 2017 Views 1405
Great British Beef Week 2017: Meet a British beef farmer!

The ‘incredibly important’ Great British Beef Week is back for the seventh year. The ...

25 April 2017 Views 2154
Farmers hopeful of glyphosate approval

Arable farmers are hopeful of a lengthy approval for glyphosate as the EU prepares to makes its deci...

21 April 2017 Views 3766
Sheep rescued from cliff after being chased by a dog April 2017

RSPCA officers abseiled 50 metres down to rescue the sheep. RSPCA Cymru is reminding dog walkers ...

18 April 2017 Views 2032
Free range water quality

Ian Lowery talks to the Yorkshire Free Range Discussion Group about ensuring the water quality on a ...

3 April 2017 Views 1670
UK pig industry worries about US free trade deal

Nine months on from the Brexit vote the British pig industry has found itself thriving, but there ar...

24 March 2017 Views 2078
Housing order causes surge in red mite

The housing order introduced to try to prevent the spread of avian influenza has resulted in a surge...

21 March 2017 Views 1739
Spring is here! Thousands flock to watch new lamb arrivals

Thousands of people flocked to Askham Bryan College in York this weekend to get a glimpse of some ne...

13 March 2017 Views 2101
Dairy farmers descend on Carlisle for key dairy event

For the sixth year running, UK Dairy Expo saw thousands of dairy farmers descend upon Carlisle to se...

8 March 2017 Views 1801
Retailers ditching caged egg increases interest in barn systems

Big Dutchman distributor Newquip says there has been increased interest in the company's barn sy...

1 March 2017 Views 1707
Lincolnshire Farming Conference: UK risks losing its biggest manufacturing industry

NFU vice president Guy Smith has warned that the United Kingdom will risk losing its biggest manufac...