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12 March 2018 Views 635

Dairy Expo 2018

Yasmin Bradbury completed a hat-trick of victories as her cow once again took home the champion of champions prize at this year’s Borderway UK Dairy Expo. Derbyshire breeder Bradbury, who won the prize last year, celebrated as her cow 'Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody' became the 2018 overall champion. An emotional Bradbury said “she is the most fantastic cow in the world.” She said winning meant everything and her cow was “the world” to her. The event, which is held at Harrison & Hetherington auctioneers in Carlisle, is the flagship event in the dairy community and is now in it’s seventh year. Glyn Lucas, pedigree dairy auctioneer at Harrison & Hetherington, said that the calibre of cattle at this year’s show had been “exceptional”. Looking ahead to the future Lucas said the show had “really built momentum now” and “people really want to be part of it”.

12 March 2018 Views 635
Dairy Expo 2018

Yasmin Bradbury completed a hat-trick of victories as her cow once again took home the champion of c...

22 January 2018 Views 4106
Sheep stranded on cliff edge for one week rescued

Rescuers had to abseil 25-metres down a Swansea cliff edge to save a stranded sheep, with the dramat...

19 January 2018 Views 4000
Footage released showing potential dangers of auto-steer

A video has been released which seeks to educate people on the potential dangers of auto-steer and o...

12 December 2017 Views 2788
Farmer spends 800 hours creating groundbreaking egg invention

A poultry farmer has spent 800 hours created a groundbreaking egg invention stemming from his love o...

24 November 2017 Views 2158
Virtual reality to bring agri-experts to any farmer in the world at any time

A machinery giant has announced its collaboration with Microsoft on an advanced project that brings ...

8 November 2017 Views 2399
Sheep can recognise human faces from photographs

Sheep can be trained to recognise human faces from photographic portraits – and can even ident...

31 October 2017 Views 2298
Non-cage a 'regrettable move' says Chief Vet Nigel Gibbens

Chief vet Nigel Gibbens has described the commitment by leading retailers to go cage-free by 2025 as...

20 October 2017 Views 2480
The British Wool Story - From Farm to Sale

British Wool has launched its new short film "The British Wool Story", which takes viewers...

10 October 2017 Views 2403
Powerbrake RT - Most Powerful Brake on the market

The Powebrake-RT is a 2 in 1 combination, agricultural trailer handbrake & breakaway mechanism, ...

9 October 2017 Views 2418
BFREPA Producer of the Year (16k and under) - William & David Maughan

William and David Maughan have been in egg production for 15 years, and have a well presented site w...

9 October 2017 Views 1792
BFREPA Producer of the Year (over 16k birds) - Donald Seed

Reasons for winning Outstanding production figures and attention to detail. Involvemen...

29 September 2017 Views 2772
Farm level crossing closed after fatal crash

Robert Havercroft, level crossing manager for Network Rail discusses the closure of Ivy Lea Farm lev...

6 September 2017 Views 3088
Network Rail video highlights dangers of farm level crossings

New National Rail video shows importance of safe near level crossings and on the railway in general....

4 September 2017 Views 2601
Lamb advertisement 'You Never Lamb Alone'

A new quirky advertisement by Meat & Livestock Australia shows a table full of Gods, Goddesses a...

23 June 2017 Views 2449
UK is heading for hard Brexit 'one way or another'

Britain is heading for a hard Brexit in one way or another according to a leading agricultural advis...

22 June 2017 Views 3761
UK could remain within EEA for up to six years

A leading agricultural business consultant has said it is ‘extremely likely’ that Britai...

21 June 2017 Views 1547
UK Trailer Lights at Cereals 2017

FarmingUK TV speaks to Ian Course of UK Trailer Lights at the 2017 Cereals show.

20 June 2017 Views 1257
Fera Science at Cereals 2017

FarmingUK TV speak to Fera Science at the Cereals 2017 show.

16 June 2017 Views 1720
Agrovista at Cereals 2017

FarmingUK met Agrovista at Cereals 2017, where we discussed their new Axis Portal software.

15 June 2017 Views 2478
Freedom Food approves first UK Aviary System at Potters Poultry

FarmingUKTV visits Potters Poultry to discuss their aviary system, which is the first in the UK to b...

10 June 2017 Views 2792
British wool market down 13 per cent compared to last year

Auction prices for wool are down by 13 per cent on average against last year, according the British ...

8 June 2017 Views 2723
UK sheep industry heading for volatility post-Brexit

The leader of the United Kingdom's sheep farmers warned during this year's North Sheep event...

1 June 2017 Views 2039
AgriArgo at Grassland and Muck 2017

FarmingUK speak to AgriArgo at the Grassland and Muck Show 2017

26 May 2017 Views 1678
Landia at Grassland and Muck 2017

FarmingUK speak to Landia at the Grassland and Muck Show 2017