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9 February 2017 Views 1056
YAMS17: APV presents the spreader 'MDP 100 M1'

The Multi-Metering Systems of the MDP-Series are similar to the Pneumatic Seeders in their applicati...

9 February 2017 Views 1058
YAMS17: Kelvin Cave's dry-roller mill - ideal for processing grains

By popular demand, a dry-roller mill that is powered by a single-phase electric motor.

The KC M...

9 February 2017 Views 1356
YAMS17: Grange Machinery presents its low-disturbance toolbar

Grange Machinery presents its low-disturbance toolbar

Working Widths Available: 3m, 4m & 6m

9 February 2017 Views 1275
YAMS17: Sumo shows off mounted DTS Toolbar

The DTS Toolbar system provides a flexible solution to crop establishment by giving farmers and cont...

1 February 2017 Views 1215
NFU launches flooding manifesto

The NFU has a launched a flooding manifesto in response to a government report on future flood preve...

19 January 2017 Views 1386
Bomford Turner at LAMMA 2017

FarmingUK talks to Bomford Turner at LAMMA 2017

19 January 2017 Views 1293
Keenan Systems at LAMMA 2017

FarmingUK talks to Keenan Systems at LAMMA 2017

19 January 2017 Views 1542
Jacobsens GFM at LAMMA '17

FarmingUK talks to Jacobsens GFM at LAMMA '17

19 January 2017 Views 1241

FarmingUK talks to CLAAS at LAMMA '17

19 January 2017 Views 1266
Kubota at LAMMA '17

FarmingUK talks to Kubota at LAMMA '17

18 January 2017 Views 1587
New survey puts spread of TB down to badgers

A survey into roadkill badgers has sparked concern after tests revealed that a quarter were found to...

16 January 2017 Views 3389
Ripon Cathedral celebrates start of the agricultural year with 'Plough Sunday'

Ripon Cathedral marked Plough Sunday with a service attended by large crowds from all around.

A t...

12 January 2017 Views 1363
OIE concerned about European Avian Influenza outbreak

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has expressed concern about a big spike in highly pat...

5 January 2017 Views 1573
OFC17: Leadsom under fire for failing to guarantee same level of farming support

Defra Secretary Andrea Leadsom has reassured farmers that they will continue to receive Government s...

5 January 2017 Views 1422
OFC17: Farming leaders raise concerns about backyard flocks during free range housing order

Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom and NFU president Meurig Raymond have both spoken out about the...

28 December 2016 Views 1359
Farming Recovery Fund helps 1100 struggling farmers with £9m fund

One year on from the launch of the Farming Recovery Fund the initiative has received over 1,100 appl...

16 December 2016 Views 1636
Poultry housing order could prove 'problematic'

The poultry housing order could prove problematic for many free range producers according to Sara Pe...

9 December 2016 Views 1457
RSPCA find sheep with a cone on its head

The RSPCA was called to a trapped sheep in Hertfordshire on Sunday (December 4).



2 December 2016 Views 1981
1,000 hill farmers face bleak winter as many still wait for 2015 BPS payments

More than 1,000 hill farmers could be facing a very bleak winter after still not receiving BPS payme...

29 November 2016 Views 2014
British turkey farmers label 2016 'an incredible year'

As the Christmas season approaches, turkey producers across the UK are preparing for the busy festiv...

25 November 2016 Views 765
Bitteswell Farms: BFREPA Producer of the Year 2016 (over 16,000 birds)

Bitteswell Farms accept their award for BFREPA Producer of the Year 2016 (over 16,000 birds).

21 November 2016 Views 1918
Government resisting 'housing order' pressure from poultry industry

Government is resisting pressure from the poultry industry to impose a housing order for free range ...

19 November 2016 Views 2236
Brexit may allow British farmers to grow genetically modified crops

Brexit may open the door for British farmers to grow genetically modified crops according to plans b...

9 November 2016 Views 1795
Farming Minister George Eustice attempts to calm Brexit labour fears in egg sector

Farming Minister George Eustice attempted to calm fears about access to foreign labour following Bre...