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21 December 2018 Views 76

Kubota MGX-IV: The next generation of enhanced productivity

With its sleek new design, enhanced features and perfectly matched implements, the Kubota MGX-IV is the clever all-rounder that helps you to easily and efficiently perform every-day farm tasks

1 February 2016 Views 2516
Dutch poultry farmers reducing soya with help from ForFarmers

Some Dutch poultry farmers have been reducing the amount of soya in their chicken feed with the help...

28 January 2016 Views 3425
Free range multi tier sytems for hens

Some free range producers provide their hens with a multi-tier system. A multi-tier system allows...

25 January 2016 Views 3095
Dairy industry “unsustainable”

NFU Dairy Board member David Shaw has described the current state of the dairy industry as unsustain...

15 January 2016 Views 1885
Poultry industry concerned at UK bird flu clean-up costs and procedures

An American vet has told British producers of a cheaper and quicker way to deal with secondary clean...

14 January 2016 Views 3478
UK must exploit high quality of British beef and lamb to increase sales at home and abroad

Opportunities to drive up sales of British meat were discussed at the first Northern Beef and Sheep ...

18 December 2015 Views 1766
Insurance and levy set to protect poultry industry

An industry-wide levy to cover clean-up costs and more extensive housing orders for free range birds...

16 December 2015 Views 2504
Sustainability credentials emphasised at Dairy Roadmap launch in London

The 2015 Dairy Roadmap was launched this week at the Farmers Club in London. The report highlight...

11 December 2015 Views 3092
Land values peaked after rising by some 300 per cent over last 10 years

Land values may have peaked, after having risen by some 300 per cent over the last ten years.  ...

10 December 2015 Views 1739
Consumers urged to check their gammon amidst confusing label claims

Consumers are being urged to check the origin of their Gammon this Christmas to ensure it is British...

27 November 2015 Views 1801
'Countryfile' star Adam Henson presents awards at British Free Range Egg Conference

The cream of Britain’s free range egg producers were honoured in the annual awards of the Brit...

20 November 2015 Views 2006
Investment in new technology to increase efficiency and capacity at Hy-Line hatchery

Increased capacity and the installation of innovative new technology will result from investment of ...

18 November 2015 Views 2269
Exchange rate limits sheep sales to home market

Prices were up slightly on recent weeks at a sheep auction in Yorkshire where over 4,000 sheep were ...

16 November 2015 Views 2347
Supermarket dairy initiatives ‘A step forward’

Dairy initiatives brought in recently by big supermarkets have been described as ‘a step forwa...

13 November 2015 Views 709
Producer speaks out about devastating impact of avian influenza

The owner of a Lancashire egg business devastated by an outbreak of avian influenza has spoken about...

4 November 2015 Views 973
Farming Minister George Eustice discusses impending beak trim decision

Farming Minister George Eustice told poultry industry leaders that he could make no decision on beak...

2 November 2015 Views 839
Farmers call for action on farm incomes, labelling and supermarkets

The chairman of a Parliamentary committee responsible for farming issues has spoken out about the ne...

28 October 2015 Views 1037
The Hunday Collection Auction - Saturday 14th November

The Hunday Collection Auction - Saturday 14th November

26 October 2015 Views 787
Award winning egg producer plans to double flock size

Free range egg producer James Baxter is looking to double the number of birds on his family farm nea...

12 October 2015 Views 969
Ryedale Vineyards

Vineyards across Britain have endured a difficult season this year after a cold late spring and poor...

9 October 2015 Views 2546
Politicians urged to do more to tackle rural crime

Politicians have been called on to do more to tackle rural crime after a national survey revealed a ...

8 October 2015 Views 889
Free Range Eggs

David Preece, the poultry manager at the Benham Estate near Newbury in Berkshire, is starring in the...

8 October 2015 Views 1879
Secret Life of Free Range Chickens

The secret life of free range chicken is a light hearted look at chickens' natural behaviour. Ch...

30 September 2015 Views 719
Huge investment and expansion confirms Fairburn’s commitment to free range producers

Fast growing egg producer and packer L J Fairburn & Son is continuing to press ahead with huge i...

29 September 2015 Views 2254
Consumers urged to buy British as foreign sausage meat is linked to increases in hepatitis E liver disease

A well known British pig farmer is urging consumers to buy British, after foreign sausage meat was l...