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21 December 2018 Views 75

Kubota MGX-IV: The next generation of enhanced productivity

With its sleek new design, enhanced features and perfectly matched implements, the Kubota MGX-IV is the clever all-rounder that helps you to easily and efficiently perform every-day farm tasks

6 March 2013 Views 2738
Scottish Egg Conference: John Bowler

John Bowler discusses the latest issues regarding free range egg production in the UK, then takes qu...

12 February 2013 Views 1461
Broomate Product

Now that winter has hopefully passed (we are optimistic here) thoughts are that we should get outsid...

6 February 2013 Views 1441
The right tank system...

Buying the right tank system can not only solve an immediate problem of storage, but create the firs...

3 February 2013 Views 1090
Cereals 2012

NFU Video showing highlights of Cereals 2012

25 January 2013 Views 1651
New Holland BigBaler

New Holland’s multi-award winning BigBaler large square baler range has received yet another p...

17 December 2012 Views 1519

George Moate TILLERSTAR in action at NORMAC in September 2011. The two bed Tillerstar turning st...

30 November 2012 Views 1791
Proxima 120 Power shuttle demo

Zetor's Proxima 120 Power Shuttle Demo

30 November 2012 Views 1152
Zetor UK, Lamma Show 2012, Day 2

Zetor Stand at Lamma Show 2012, Day 2

30 November 2012 Views 1133
Zetor UK, Lamma Show 2012, Day 1

Zetor Stand at Lamma Show 2012, Day 1

30 November 2012 Views 1708
Forterra HSX 130

We have organised a Press Trip prior to the launch of the Forterra HSX series in the UK. A form...

30 November 2012 Views 1492
Forage harvesting with Forterra 135

Zetor UK Forage harvesting with Forterra 135

30 November 2012 Views 1844
Forterra 140 HSX Test Drive

A short video of Zetor Dealers test driving Forterra 140 HSX after the theoretical part of our lates...

30 November 2012 Views 4702
Platinum T35: A new 4x4-drawn livestock trailer

The Platinum T35 is a new 4x4-drawn livestock trailer from Houghton Parkhouse - a company with over ...

25 November 2012 Views 3087
Beak trimming debate 2012

Here Stephen Lister of Crowshall Veterinary and Christine Nicol of Bristol University update delegat...

24 November 2012 Views 1287
Susannah MacMillan at BFREPA 2012

Susannah Macmillan describes life on her Sussex free range egg farm. Susannah has been car...

29 August 2012 Views 1463
Earthmill Turbine installation

Earthmill have released their first ever online video, promoting their passions and expertise in the...

2 July 2012 Views 3108
Feed the World - British Farmers

Feeling undervalued? For any UK farmers who are fed up of being taken for granted there’s a mu...

12 June 2012 Views 1844
RSPCA Cow Rescue

The seven-strong team of inspectors and Animal Welfare Officers (AWO) were scrambled when a farmer c...

16 December 2011 Views 2031
A Christmas Carol... for badgers!

This RSPCA Christmas Carol gives a sinister twist after the government has confirmed details of a ba...

15 December 2011 Views 4644
New Holland T9 Series

At New Holland we have put all our tractor making experience into making the T9 tractor series more ...

15 December 2011 Views 2972
New Holland T8 Tractor series

The T8 tractor range is rewriting the rule book, as it is the only tractor in its segment to combine...

14 December 2011 Views 4765
Valtra T Series Tractor

Valtra T Series Tractor

14 December 2011 Views 4793
Valtra N Series Tractor

Valtra N Series Tractor

14 December 2011 Views 3091
Valtra N101 tractor

Valtra N101 Tractor in cab