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11 January 2017 09:00:18 |Animal Health,Government,News,Poultry,Supermarkets

'Bird flu not Brexit': UK egg prices set to rise as production falls in EU

Demand in the UK has increased, partly because of celebrity endorsements

Demand in the UK has increased, partly because of celebrity endorsements

Shoppers could soon have to pay an extra six percent on eggs - and it has nothing to do with Brexit.
The wholesale prices for eggs has risen in recent months due to an increased demand and a fall in production across Europe due to bird flu outbreaks.
In November and December last year, bird flu outbreaks in mainland EU resulted in egg production forecasts to fall 8% y-o-y in Q1 2017, to 18.5m eggs.
Meanwhile, demand in the UK has increased - partly because of celebrity endorsements, says market research firm Mintec.
Earlier this month, a trio of top celebrities announced they are spearheading a £1m recipe egg marketing campaign for 2017 promoting the culinary and health benefits of eggs.

'About to kill my business'
A spokesman told The Grocer: "In October, UK egg sales increased nine per cent year on year, accounting for an extra 40 million sold eggs, mostly attributed to more eggs being used as part of a healthy diet."
The price hike will also affect the cost of foods of which eggs are an ingredient.
In a packed stall in one of South Korea's traditional eateries, the owner of the restaurant Kim Kang-ock told Business Report the drop in prices for eggs was driving him crazy.
"It's about to kill my business," he said.
"Look at my menu, almost everything here needs an egg, not only the pancakes but noodles as well. I can’t run my business if I don’t have eggs."
British Egg Industry Council chairman Andrew Jared also said young people are 'eating more eggs'.

"Add to this the anticipated recommendation from the FSA that pregnant women, babies and older people can enjoy runny eggs once more, as long as they are British Lion, and we're in a good position."


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