'Game-changing' digital assistant launched for farmers

The new software helps farmers capture the value of their natural capital
The new software helps farmers capture the value of their natural capital

A 'game-changing' digital assistant has been launched for farmers to take control and capture the full value of their natural capital.

The first in a suite of complementary software from Trinity AgTech has launched this week with Sandy, a new digital assistant.

Sandy allows farmers to accurately and independently assess their business's sustainability.

It will help them plan their path to profitability, provide provenance for their produce and capitalise on the natural assets they care for.

Sandy is designed to support farmers as they face unprecedented change in farm subsidies and customer preferences.

It seeks to address concerns over the soundness of existing tools, and uncertainty in agricultural markets.

Among Sandy’s core tools are carbon footprint and biodiversity assessments, such as managing and optimising livestock feed strategy.

There’s management at a subfield level, monitoring crop performance, growth, nutrient status and yield prediction.

Sandy also analyses productivity and financial performance at farm, crop and field level.

Trinity AgTech’s managing director, Richard Williamson, said: “Sandy has come at a time when farmers are being forced to ask themselves how their business will evolve.

"Within this change, there are opportunities for farmers to capture different and diverse income streams.

"However, farmers need clear, independent and robust information to succeed in these."

He added that Sandy was a 'trusted and credible' software, using the latest science and technology that helped farmers progress both financially and environmentally.

The software was developed by a team of more than 30 scientists and engineers in consultation with farmers and industry leaders.

Major retailers, banks and cooperatives also back the use of the programme.