Forestry news around the UK

17 September 2021

Farmers encouraged to take part in new tree health pilot

31 August 2021

Scheme seeks to protect trees from pests & diseases

Scotland deer cull to start amid 'pressure' on woodland

31 August 2021

Deer numbers having 'negative impact' on forests

'Rare combination' of farm and forestry comes to market

6 August 2021

Sale includes 2,000 acres in total

Farmers warn tree planting has adversely impacted area

3 August 2021

Welsh farmers discussed the issue with local MP

Scottish Forestry to reduce ploughing on peaty soils

28 July 2021

It wants to use 'less disruptive techniques'

New £1m Tree Production Innovation Fund launched

22 July 2021

£1m available to help boost tree planting

'Right tree in right place': NFU unveils new woodland strategy

14 July 2021

Raises need for keeping land for food production

£18m forest in Scottish Borders for sale

9 July 2021

Forest extending to almost 2,000 acres

Two woodland grant schemes open for NI farmers

23 June 2021

Schemes help farmers plant their own woodlands

Farmers reminded of woodland grant for land 1ha and above

17 June 2021

Opened in England on first-come first-served basis

'Game-changing' digital assistant launched for farmers

15 June 2021

Software lets farmers capture value of natural capital

Scottish land rich in natural capital now on market

15 June 2021

The land 'ticks all the boxes for natural capital'

New tree planting grant scheme open for applications

9 June 2021

Farmers urged to consider applying to scheme

Established commercial woodland near Glasgow for sale

2 June 2021

Woodland over 400-acres now on market

New grants for farmers to take action against tree pests

28 May 2021

New Tree Health Pilot to launch this summer

£10m for farmers wanting to create new woodlands

28 May 2021

Woodland Carbon Guarantee auction dates unveiled

New grant offer for farmers looking to plant woodland

25 May 2021

England Woodland Creation Offer soon opens

Government set to treble England's tree planting rates

17 May 2021

Plans for 7,000ha each year by May 2024

Free woodland assessments available for Scottish farmers

12 May 2021

Free help is being provided by Scottish Forestry

Woodland scheme which offers rent to farmers closes 1 June

30 April 2021

Forestry scheme aimed at farmers & landowners

Natural regeneration replaces harvested trees on Welsh farm

27 April 2021

Farmer adopts green techniques while profiting

Forests extending to 745 hectares on market for £14m

21 April 2021

Exceptional southern Scotland forestry for sale

New woodland creation scheme offers rent to farmers

31 March 2021

Forestry England unveils tree planting scheme

The Essex arable farmer who has turned to agroecology

26 March 2021

George Young didn't take a conventional route

New loan scheme helps farmers with woodland creation

18 March 2021

Forestry loan to help small scale woodland projects

New £2.7 tree planting fund available for local authorities

12 March 2021

Authorities urged to work with landowners

Scots farmers to learn about tree planting benefits

3 March 2021

Forestry firm Tilhill's webinar to soon take place

First ever farmer-led study into agroforestry benefits starts

18 February 2021

Project will spend 12 years investigating agroforestry

Survey puts a value on natural capital of new woodlands

19 January 2021

The study assessed a new mixed woodland site

Shetland crofter using trees to revitalise business

14 January 2021

He will plant a further 2,500 trees thanks to grant