Angus estate to help farmers integrate trees into their business

Rottal Estate's natural capital has been transformed by carefully selected tree planting
Rottal Estate's natural capital has been transformed by carefully selected tree planting

The 8,000-acre Rottal Estate in Angus is inviting farmers to see how they have integrated trees into their business to benefit environment and productivity.

Dee Ward, who owns and runs the family’s estate within the Angus Glens, has transformed the property's natural capital by boosting tree cover.

As part of the Integrating Trees Network initiative, he will share his experiences to help farmers who want to boost on-farm woodland.

The Rottal Estate has been proactive in contour planting to improve the landscape, as well as establishing more woodlands along the Rottal Burn.

Along with promoting the natural regeneration of trees, this work has helped juvenile fish populations and encouraged wildlife to make the estate their home.

Mr Ward said: “We’ve taken action over the years to really boost the environmental benefits of the estate and with this it has also brought multiple business benefits too.

“I’d like to share how we went about transforming our estate, covering what our vision was, our objectives and what actions we implemented."

He said the benefits from increasing woodland areas on the estate are 'very tangible' for the business.

"They range from boosts to biodiversity, shelter and shade for livestock, helping to increase fish numbers, and mitigating flood areas as well as carbon sequestration.”

Advice on forestry grants and how best to apply will also be highlighted at the event, with Scottish Forestry staff attending.

Lyn White is their forestry and farming development officer and she is keen to see as many farmers and other landowners attending as possible.

She said: “The Integrating Trees Network events are a great way for farmers and land managers to see how others have successfully grown trees to boost their business.

“Growing trees can provide many benefits and we use these events to explain how to go about it, with no hard sell.

“There are many forestry grants that farmers can take advantage of and we will be able to discuss these in full on the day.”

The Integrating Trees Network event is being held on the Rottal Estate on 12 June.