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14 March 2018 14:44:52 |Agri Safety and Rural Crime,Crops and Cereals,News,Products

Bayer unveils safety studies to show commitment to transparency

Bayer said it is "critical" to ensure that safety data is made available

Bayer said it is "critical" to ensure that safety data is made available

Multinational agri-chemical company Bayer has launched its first full safety studies on its website to show it is committed to transparency.
The German giant said it has moved its transparency initiative, first announced in 2016, to the "next phase".
Bayer says the safety studies are "accessible" and "reconfirms" its commitment to transparency by supporting the European Commission’s call for greater transparency around crop protection safety studies.
Dr. Adrian Percy, global head of Research and Development for the Crop Science Division said: "We welcome the European Commission’s plan to make industry studies more transparent while respecting the need to protect legitimate confidential business information.
"It is critical to ensure that safety data is made available strictly for non-commercial use in order to protect and continue promoting innovation."
The company said it offers its "full support" to the European Commission in finding solutions to make industry safety studies more accessible.

Bayer’s transparency initiative aims to build public trust and foster a science-based dialogue around crop protection products.
Until now, mostly study summaries were available in addition to safety-related study reports on the active substance imidacloprid.


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